As one-ninth of the all-star cast for one of this year’s most promising mythical blockbusters, Hong Kong actor Aarif Rahman, star of audience favourites such as Bruce Lee, My Brother and One Night Surprise tells us what it was like working on the animated motion capture film L.O.R.D – Legend of Ravaging Dynasties. On the movie, he plays the part-beast-part-human assassin Ni Hong, and shares with us some of his experiences pertaining to how he prepared for the role, and what he foresees coming next for him after the release of this film. Despite the short interview we had, it was clear for all to see that Rahman is someone who never shies away from a challenge.

While filming L.O.R.D how did you get into character? What preparations did you go through?

My character is called Ni Hong, he is an assassin. He does not feel pain, has no fear, and feels nothing but is very skilled at fighting. So at the time what I wished to present was him as a beast, because I felt that he was very similar to the predators in the animal kingdom, so I watched a lot of animal documentaries on predators, hoping that kind of wild, cold feeling, and warrior attitude would be put into this character.

What was the most memorable moment between characters in the movie?

The most memorable would probably be my scene with Yang Mi. Everyone didn’t have that many lines, it was all dependent on facial expression to communicate, I felt that that kind of feeling was quite special. And because the way we filmed was very unique, there was no sets or scenery around us that could make up for anything; there also weren’t any props or costumes to help feel the character so that moment of eye contact left an impression on everyone.


Were there any obstacles or bottlenecks in the filming process? How did you adjust yourself?

No, filming this movie was an especially happy experience for me, I indulged in every moment, every second of it, haha.

Within the storyline who was your favourite character? Why?

I actually especially like those soul beasts, perhaps because Ni Hong himself is a half-human-half-beast, so I am willing to play a full-blooded soul beast, that would definitely be really fun. For example Gray Snow Teeth (One of the other characters) is really too cool, he has no lines at all, but he was so vigorously beastlike, no matter how ‘beast’ I try to be, I am just a 1.92m tall human…

In the future will you try even more different breakthrough projects?

I am a person who really likes a challenge and tries to come up with different breakthroughs, so following this I want to try even more action films. Because I did not come from an Wushu background, you could say that I don’t have a solid foundation, so I still hope that I can have good results in action films and am able to truly find some new breakthroughs.

L.O.R.D – Legend of Ravaging Dynasties is currently screening across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and Ireland. For screening and ticketing information see Magnum Films website and the official L.O.R.D website.