Taiwanese actress, Amber Kuo gives us an insight on what’s like to work in an all-star cast, for the computer animated mythical movie, L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties. Kuo let’s us know how she transferred herself from her role in blockbuster hit Tiny Times to play a sexy and coldblooded villain in L.O.R.D.

How did you get into character for L.O.R.D? What preparations did you make?

Prior to filming, I kept reading the director’s novel and watched some movies with classic villain characters. Turns out none of that helped since the Te Lei Ya the director wanted was extremely sexy and cold blooded, and I would accidentally act too humane.

What was the most memorable scene?

My most memorable was the rare few scenes I had with Yang Mi (Shen Yin). Similar to our previous project, Tiny Times, I would always have the most lines! That one scene I was nagging at Yang Mi for almost half a page while she was on her knees. I would assume her legs would be numb by then!


Did you encounter any obstacles or bottlenecks during filming? How did you adjust yourself?

It was my first time filming in heels when I played Gu Li in Tiny Times. So posture was something I had to be aware of. In L.O.R.D, I was even expected to fly and leap around in heels. It’s like I was able to do anything when the director dropped an order.

Who’s your favourite character in the storyline? Why?

I like Ni Hong because he is very loyal, and he doesn’t need to speak!

Do you plan to try any breakthrough projects in the future?

I don’t seek a breakthrough role, I just hope to a lot of fun with each performance

L.O.R.D – Legend of Ravaging Dynasties is currently screening across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and Ireland. For screening and ticketing information see Magnum Films website and the official L.O.R.D website.