Hello Asia editor Johnny Au chats with Andy Trieu about his role in the new Australian comedy series Street Smart.

From the co-creators of Here Come The Habibs, Street Smart stars cult comedy star Tahir Bilgic (Pizza, Swift and Shift Couriers) as wannabe criminal mastermind Steve, whose big dreams of girls, riches and respect, are constantly thwarted by his nemesis parking officer Joseph (Rob Shehadie) (Housos) and his dedicated side-kick Tia (Casey Donovan).

Andy talks about his hilarious character Hung Phat and what it was like to work in Street Smart.

Hello Andy! Tell us a little about the upcoming comedy series Street Smart that is airing on Channel 10?

Hi! Well Street Smart is a family fun comedy filmed out in western Sydney featuring a diverse cast. The show followers a gang called ‘Street Smart’ who unintentionally do disorganized crime…I play one of the lead characters named Hung!

What was it like to play the character Hung Phat?

Very fun! Hung is the brains of the operation, he comes up with a few strategies to try strike it rich. He also isn’t your typical Asian stereotype character either, he is from Australia and is…pretty Aussie. Being surrounded by comedians on a daily basis was a bonus, people throwing jokes left right and centre!

What is unique about Street Smart? And why should people tune in to see it? It’s a pretty big deal to have a show like this on Sunday prime time!

I think it’s been a while since there was a straight comedy on a commercial network with a diverse cast so I think this is something special. Most nationalities are represented on screen and it’s an easy watch for the whole family.

How long was the shoot for Street Smart? And what were some of your favourite moments during the filming?

Filming was about 8 weeks, it took approximately 4-5 days per episode. There is an episode where we try to steal a bunch of trolleys to get the ‘cash’ out of them and in that episode there was a huge stunt setup, drones, fight sequences and everything. Very exciting!

Maria Tran plays your onscreen wife on Street Smart. Can you tell us the relationship between Hung and Trans?

Maria and I are husband and wife on the show. I’m Hung Phat she is Trans Phat ….

She plays a character that highly resembles my Vietnamese mother and its hilariously terrifying… if there is such a thing. She was fun to work with.

If there is a second season of Street Smart how would you like to see your character Hung develop?

Fingers crossed there will be a second season. We are hoping that everyone tunes in to check it out and that would bump up our chances! 8pm Sundays on TEN!!!!

Besides Street Smart, what have you been working on lately?

I’m at SBS hosting SBS PopAsia – we have exciting new things in the works!

Street Smart premieres on Channel 10 on Sunday 5th August at 8pm. You can also catch Street Smart on Tenplay.