We chat exclusively to K-Pop boy group BEAST backstage at their Sydney ‘Ordinary’ Fanmeet. This is the second time BEAST has visited Australia and the members speak to us about their latest album ‘Ordinary’. We also talk about their participation in FC Men, individual questions for each member, what flavour would BEAST be and why BEAUTY is so special. We finish with a Christmas message for all BEAUTY. (TURN ON YOUR CAPTIONS FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Hello BEAST! Welcome back to Australia! Your latest album is called Ordinary. Congratulations! Was there anything different about Ordinary compared to the previous 7 BEAST mini albums?

Junhyung: Rather than saying there was something ‘different’, it’s more like, while going through the album, everyone put a lot of effort into trying to continuously show a better side of us. And becasue of that I think it’s a bit more of a mature album. I think this album is filled with good songs.

Yoseob, Gikwang & Doojoon you are all members of the charity all star football team FC Men. What your favourite position? Who’s your favourite football player?

Gikwang: Yes. First of all, the fact that you know that we’re involved with FC Men is really fascinating. Firstly, well my favourite position is the attacking midfielder. One of my favourite players is Luka Modrić.

Doojoon: Yes my position is defending midfielder. This feels like a soccer interview. My favourite players are Ronaldinho and Neymar. I like them a lot.

Yoseob: As for me I’m not a frequent player. When it comes to soccer positions, I think I like the bench. Yeah, the bench is good. My favourite player is once known for his fast feet – Seo Jung Won. He is now working as a soccer manager as well. I used to like Seo Jung Won a lot. I still do.

Junhyung I believe you have produced music for other K-Pop artists. Is music production something you want to pursue more of in the future?

Junhyung: Well, if the opportunity arises, I want to keep doing as much as I can. I’ll keep working hard with the music I do so that you can keep listening to good songs.

Gikwang I want to ask you about your acting career. Is there a role you haven’t played before that you really want to try?

Gikwang: Well, because there aren’t many roles that I’ve undertaken in the first place.

Doojoon: You suit being a policeman. I recommend him a thief role.

Gikwang: He’s kidding! As Doojoon said, I’ve been a policeman twice. Because there are a lot of roles I’ve yet to undertake, whatever role it is, if it’s good…

Junhyung: Everything aside from a police officer.

Gikwang: Whatever role it is I’ll give it my best.

Dongwoon we know you are multi talented in the entertainment business. If you were not an idol what do you think you would be doing?

Dongwoon: My dream was originally to be an international lawyer. If I wasn’t an international lawyer, I was also interested in private investigator. Or an archaeologist. I’m interested in things like archaeology. If there’s an opportunity, I want to give it a go.

Yoseob since you were on TV Show “I Live Alone” what advice do you have for men who live alone? What can you teach me about living alone?

Yoseob: Wet wipes can be used very flexibly. Whether you’re doing the dishes or cleaning, don’t leave it to pile up. It’s good to deal with it right on the spot. And as for food…

Doojoon: Just what’s good enough to eat

Yoseob: Yes, as long as it’s good enough to eat. And it’s good to separate your food. Because things get spoiled. You are welcome to ask more questions as I still do live alone.

Doojoon since you are the leader of BEAST what has been your most happiest/memorable moment?

Gikwang: Aren’t there any?!

Doojoon: No! It’s just that there are so many. So I think I’ll have to think about it a bit. Being able to perform in different countries like this is really meaningful and memorable.

Junhyung: And as the leader?

Doojoon: Yeah. Really, all of it. It’s all good.

If music was a flavour what flavour would BEAST be?

Doojoon: Honey flavour!!

Gikwang: Honey! Honey taste!

Junhyun: Nuclear honey flavour.

Doojoon: Nuclear honey… taste.

Gikwang: Huh? Nuclear honey taste?

Doojoon: Nuclear honey taste.

[T/N: ‘Nuclear honey’ is used in a lot of Korean slang words for when something is good.]

What were your favourite songs you listened to in 2015?

Yoseob: ‘Hello’ by Adele.

Doojoon: This time too– not long ago.

Yoseob: Of course. I’m still touched when I hear it.

The reason we are here today is for BEAST to meet up with their Australian BEAUTY. What makes BEAUTY so special?

Doojoon: Yes. Australia is actually a really far away country, and we can’t come often, but whenever we come, [Australian BEAUTY] always greet us excitedly. Their welcoming hearts is one of the reasons why we think of BEAUTY even more preciously. I hope that they will make good memories today.

Christmas message for BEAUTY.

Gikwang: On the 15th…

Dongwoon: The 25th

Gikwang: The 25th. On the 25th of December, a lot of people will be celebrating Christmas. But for our Dongwoon, it’s a day of working hard. Because of his musical. It would be hard to come [watch the musical] from Australia, but… Definitely, just once… if you come…

Dongwoon: If they depart on Christmas Eve?

Gikwang: That’s right! If you depart on Christmas Eve, you can come see Dongwoon’s musical. I think it would be good to see it. The thing that’s different between Australia and Korea…

Doojoon: Christmas is in summer.

Gikwang: Yes I heard it’s a midsummer Christmas. If the opportunity arises, I think it would be good to enjoy a midsummer Christmas with our Australian BEAUTY. Be happy!

Translation by Cassandra Monjo & Lucy Lee