Enigmatic music duo White+ are soon to be in Australia for their debut Australian appearance as part of the Sydney Psych Festival, alongside a run of shows in Melbourne. Ahead of their touchdown on the east coast, we caught up with the band to learn some more about the style of show they’re set to bring and what they’re looking forward to the most.

How do you feel you’ve grown / developed as a live band over the last five or so years?

When the band first started with Shen Jing, she and I were more focused on our studio sound and our first album, which was produced by Blixa Bargeld from Einstürzende Neubauten, reflected our interest in German minimalist ideas. But Shen Jing moved to England and Wang Xu joined the band, mainly because both of us became more interested in playing with different kinds of rhythms and time signatures. We also began to focus more on our live shows and started playing not just rock clubs, but also dance clubs.

What can we expect next from the band, in terms of music releases? Is new music on the cards?

New music for White+ always starts with rhythmic ideas ands then the songs develop, and we have some ideas that we are working on that I think will become an album later this year.

You’re playing shows in Australia with Birdstriking, as well as the Sydney Pysch Fest – what are your feelings about these two other great bands? 

We love the intensity of Birdstriking. They always sound like a band performing their last, angry show just as the world is about to end.

What are you most looking forward to about your visit in February?

White+ has been in the US, Europe and Japan and it is always interesting to me how differently the audiences react to us. For example, our last tour was in late November in Japan and there, we were treated completely as a dance band. We have never performed in Australia before, and we are really excited to see if Australians like our music and they react to it.

What can fans expect from your shows?

I hope they dance.


White+ will be touring Australia later this month with a run of shows in Melbourne alongside fellow Bejing bands Carsick Cars and Birdstriking, as well as an appearance at Sydney Psych Fest III.

21st February – The Old Bar, Melbourne
22nd February – The Curtin, Melbourne (Which Way is China? Film Premiere – with Primitive Calculators) – Tickets HERE
24th February – The Tote, Melbourne (with Carsick Cars and Birdstriking)

Sydney Psych Fest III is taking place at The Factory Theatre on Saturday, February 25th. For more information, visit www.sydneypsychfest.com.au or head HERE.