On Hello Asia’s second time meeting with the boys of Boxing, the jovial guys were in a good mood after just finishing up their amazing set at the Golden Melody Awards Festival Showcase. When quizzed on how they get themselves pumped before every performance, the guys shared with us a unique ritual they use to get their heads into the game.

“Before each performance we will group together and pool our energy and all our strength into prayer together. This is a kind of strength we have before our performance. We will all give each other encouragement, because we’ll be performing soon so we will wish each other good luck and allow our morale to increase, something like that.”

For those who were present at their performance that night, or have ever had any interaction with their music, one would be surprised to find that their music is an eclectic yet seamless mix of several different genres, such as Latin music, Hip Hop and Rock. So how did Boxing’s unique style come to be?

“When we first started we didn’t confirm a particular style, because the music all six of us likes are different so we found that when we were in the studio jamming, we would meet with many different types of chemistries because we would constantly be throwing in the types of music we like. At the beginning it was because we were copying; we personally like-our own language is very much like that of the Latinos in terms of pronunciation and we are more used to speaking in our native language. So we would try to copy them and when we sang we felt that their rhythm really suited us as we also like to watch soccer. So we slowly added rock, Hip hop and Latin into our music.”

During our interview, I also chatted with the boys about their experience performing at this year’s MIDEM festival, and whether the experience of performing for international audiences was any different from local audiences.

“So to us, it was very meaningful as there were many famous record companies and musicians who came together there and using their music to encourage discussion. We were really happy to be able to go and attend MIDEM because it was really helpful to us… When we went over to France we did write a bit of French, our lyrics changed into French and sang in French. Just the chorus, and also some French phrases. But our attitude when we are on stage doesn’t change no matter where we are, because we truly value every single opportunity to perform and try hard to do our best.”

Both from their performance onstage and their words, I could truly tell that these guys were purely passionate about performing and sharing their music with audiences around the world. The boys quoted favourite artists from all across the globe whom they would love to collaborate with, given the chance such as Muse, Bon Jovi, ONE OK ROCK (Japan), Bruno Mars, Old Eagle band (China), and Mana (Mexico). No wonder they have such a unique musical style!

And of course, at the end of our interview, Boxing enthusiastically told me that they would love to come to Australia and share their music with an even greater audience here too! They have a pretty accurate impression of Australia, I must say!

“There are also Aboriginals there, Australia has Kangaroos? Our impression of Australia is that they are very good at sports, and Australian people like to take risks. So we hope that we have a chance to go over there and learn more about their culture.”

So there you have it, Boxing wants to come to Australia and share their music with you! Give their unique sound a chance, and I’m sure you won’t regret it.