K-Pop boy group Boyfriend held a media call at Carriageworks in Sydney yesterday to answer questions about their Australian visit and career so far. Here’s an excerpt of their answers.

Hi Boyfriend! What’s your thoughts about Australia so far?

First of all, we’re really happy because it’s an even better country than we had imagined. We ate Australian food as soon as we arrived, and it completely suited our tastes. It was delicious. So we’re really happy. We’re really looking forward to working in Australia.

How often do you use social media to connect with your fans outside of Australia?

We recently started using Instagram. As soon as we arrived in Australia, Minwoo took a photo in the hotel elevator and uploaded it. I think the fans like how we can show them what we are doing at the present moment. So we communicate with our fans that way. Follow me!

Boyfriend has shown their ability to adapt to various fantasy concepts. If you had to live inside a fairytail world which would it be?

As for me, I really love the fairytale ‘Peter Pan’ because… my ideal type is Wendy. Peter Pan’s Wendy. So I want to become Peter Pan from the fairytale ‘Peter Pan’. I want to become Elsa from ‘Frozen’! Because Elsa is pretty.

Its been almost 5 years since your debut. What’s your thoughts so far on your career?

We’ve kept showing different sides of ourselves ever since our debut. I hope that in the future too we’ll be able to show you more sides of ourselves. We’re always thankful because we receive so much love from our fans. And we’re really happy because after five years we’ve finally come to Australia. Whether it’s Australia or Korea, we want to keep promoting in many different countries. Musically, we as Boyfriend want to show the public a matured side of us. We want to let you listen to songs that you can relate to.

Do you have any other plans whilst you are in Australia?

I personally want to go to the Opera House. I don’t know if we’ll be able to go, but I want to take a photo there. I actually came to Australia last year. I saw a lot of things last time. I want to relive those memories by seeing lots of sights. I want to go to the Harbour Bridge. I’m going to take photos with my members there and upload it to Instagram. As for me… I really want to see a kangaroo. I’ve actually never seen a kangaroo before in real life. So I definitely want to go see one. I’m going to go to Uluru and upload a photo to Instagram! I heard that the air in Australia is very good. And I’m actually interested in stuff like insects. So I want to see a lot of insects. Australian insects.

Do you have any funny stories from your world tour you can share with us?

We went on a South America tour. They were very passionate. There were even people who fainted, so we were very surprised.

How does Boyfriend stay popular with the amount of competition in the industry and within your own label?

Rather than calling it a competition, we’ve been steadily… Even after our debut, we’ve been steadily and constantly practicing and putting in a lot of hard work and effort. So I think that we’ve endured it well.

Translation by Cassandra Monjo