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Hello Asia’s Cassandra Monjo had a chat with the bright and energetic Cosmic Girls! They’re the latest addition to Starship Entertainment, the home of SISTAR, Boyfriend, Monsta X and more. Cosmic Girls is unique in that they debut with sub-units already in place. They are Natural Unit (Dawon, Luda, Mei Qi), Sweet Unit (Exy, Seola, Soobin), Joy Unit (Xuan Yi, Eunseo, Yeoreum) and Wonder Unit (Bona, Cheng Xiao, Dayoung). The twelve-membered group excitedly talk about their thoughts on debuting with ‘Mo Mo Mo’ and ‘Catch Me’, the deep meaning behind their name, some of their favourite memories and their goals as a group!

A few members of Cosmic Girls have gotten their name known through pre-debut solo promotions. What did you learn through these experiences?

Seola: We’ve had the honour of being able to appear in the music videos of our company seniors! We were able to learn a lot through the experiences of senior artists such as Boyfriend and Mad Clown. It was really fun and we’re very thankful.

Exy: I originally had no stage experience but through MNET’s Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 I was able to gain a lot of experience. Thanks to that I think I learned a lot about how to gain a response from the audience!

Cheng Xiao: Prior to debut I had the opportunity to be on stage with UNIQ. I was given a lot of advice, and it was a stage that I set foot on before I set foot on my own, so it was very memorable and a really great experience.

Although your choreography is very powerful, everyone in the group seems to dance well as if you are all main dancers. Please introduce everyone’s position in the group.

Seola: I have the warm and emotional voice. I’m Cosmic Girls’ emotional vocalist!
Exy: I’m in charge of being the leader and rapper in the team!
Xuan Yi: I’m Cosmic Girls’ effervescent cider-like sunshine girl Xuan Yi!
Bona: I’m Cosmic Girls’ charming girl Bona! I’m in charge of femininity and dance within the team!
Soobin: I’m the smiling angel Soobin! I laugh a lot so I’m the sweet voice and happy virus of the team. Please look forward to my bright and overflowing energy!
Luda: I’m Luda, I’m in charge of cuteness and being short!
Dawon: I’m Dawon and I’m the power vocalist!
Eunseo: I’m Eunseo, the vitamin of the team!!
Cheng Xiao: I’m the pure, Barbie Doll Cheng Xiao! I’m in charge of performance!
Mei Qi: I’m the universal girl Mei Qi! I’m in charge of the charming voice and sexiness in the team.
Yeoreum: I’m the reversal girl Yeoreum! I’m the calm and cute youngest of the group!
Dayoung: I’m the passionate girl Dayoung! I’m the vocalist and aspiring variety star of the team!

The group is divided into the Wonder Unit, Joy Unit, Sweet Unit and Natural Unit. What is the difference between these units?

Exy: In my opinion, the units were created in accordance with the different vibe each of the members present!

Bona: The Wonder Unit is a unit that shows new things and surprises you! The Joy Unit is the unit that gives you laughter and pretty smiles! The Sweet Unit is the unit that gives sweetness to your eyes and ears with their charming voice! The Natural Unit is the unit with the natural, pure charms!

Eunseo: The unit that I belong to, Joy Unit, has the special charm of being able to make people laugh and smile!

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What does the ‘cosmic’ concept represent?

Exy: The universe is the largest existence and embraces all the time and space of the world. There’s no set centre, and no matter which side you’re looking at it from, what you can see from your point of view becomes the centre. In that sense, the meaning of Cosmic Girls is to become the centre from all sides and play a role in the spreading of K-Pop’s Hallyu Wave!

Each member is a different star sign. What are your different individual charms and talents?

Exy: Cheng Xiao is a dancer so her body is very flexible. Whether it’s tumbling or stretching, she does everything well! Eunseo has outstanding variety skills so her ability to be confident anywhere she goes is really cool to me! Dayoung is still young but her voice is really charming. It’s the kind of voice that you want to hear more and more!

Eunseo: A lot of people tell me that I have the energy that makes people gain strength. So I’m the vitamin that always gives you strength and energy!

Cheng Xiao: My star sign is Cancer. I studied dance in China ever since I was young so I’m confident in my flexibility and tumbling!

Dayoung: I’m Dayoung the Taurus! A lot of people tell me that my singing voice is good, so I think maybe I sing in a way that is pleasant to hear. And I think that I can do well as the mood-maker of the group!

Is there a musical style or genre you want to challenge as Cosmic Girls?

Seola: I think that we have a lot of styles within the group. There are a lot of members so just as each person has their own individual colour, I want to try challenging all sorts of musical styles! I think that we will show you infinite charms in the future!

Dawon: Every song and situation is interesting and fun so I want to try challenging every single musical style and genre out there, but if I had to choose just one I think that if we were to try a genre that has a bit of a hip hop vibe we would be able to show you a really cool side of ourselves!

Exy, you participated on Unpretty Rapstar. What feels the most different about soloist Exy and Cosmic Girls’ Exy?

Exy: If Cosmic Girls’ Exy’s rap or visual image has a lot of cute or popular elements, as an artist Exy has a bit of a strong image and raps about the experiences she has gained.

What have you felt the most as you work through your debut promotions?

Soobin: Maybe it’s because it’s a debut we have waited so long for, but I find myself really happy and spending each day with joy. We’re pretty lacking on sleep but we’re not even tired. The fact that we can stand on the stage, the fact that there are members who are together with me, and the fact that there are fans who give us love completely gives me strength! So what I feel the most is so much thankfulness!

Luda: I think I’m feeling the reality that we’ve debuted now that there are fans who cheer for us and give us warm responses! We’re still lacking in many ways, but I’m just so thankful that they’re viewing us positively. We’ll work harder and show you our consistent development, so please give us lots of interest and love!

Mei Qi: It’s more physically tiring now than when we were trainees, but I think that we’re living out each day so interestingly and fun! There are so many members but everyone is united and loyal so I gain strength, and I think that I’m able to forget the difficult times thanks to all of the support from our fans!

You’re debuting with a double title track. You filmed a music video under the name of Cosmic Girls for the first time in your lives – were there any funny incidents during the filming process?

Eunseo: Everything was honestly so fun and interesting throughout filming. It was all really memorable but if I’m to choose just one thing out of it all, it was when we had to jump on the trampoline. The twelve of us each had to film it separately, and while one person was jumping, the remaining members would be beneath the camera throwing balls and dolls. It was really funny filming that scene.

Yeoreum: In the scene where we’re caught by the astronaut I had to act while riding a wire for the first time in my life! I was super scared at first but it became really fun. Eunseo was filming me on the side through her camera, but all of my blood rushed to my face so I turned completely red! Hahaha. I was wrapped in the wire and my expression was hilarious.

After your debut promotions end, what kind of group do you want the public to remember Cosmic Girls as?

Exy: The versatile performance group!

Xuan Yi: I hope we can be a group that makes people smile naturally when they see us. I hope we will be remembered as an animated group overflowing with energy!

Dawon: When people think of us, I hope they will remember us as a strong group who are always bright and full of energy! Girls spreading a happy virus!

Translation by Cassandra Monjo