With a name like Drinking Boys and Girls Choir, it might be hard to believe they’re a skate punk rock band – but that’s exactly what they are! The three-piece band from Daegu, South Korea love drinking and hardcore skate punk. All three members write and sing in Korean and English making for a dynamic range embracing melodic hardcore, pop-punk and indie rock.

They first came on to the scene with an EP release in 2015 called “We Are”, and then debuted with their album, “Keep Drinking!!” in 2018. Their songs’ messages tackle unreasonable governmental power, corruption of government and criticise the newly affluent becoming snobbish in Korean society. The band is very passionate about nurturing their local DIY scene.

Now, they’re playing at SXSW and will be at Hello Asia’s first official showcase happening at Australia House on Thursday 14th March from 8pm! We’ve asked them a few questions ahead of their showcase…

Who are you, what is your act and how would you best describe your act to someone who has never heard or seen you before? 

We are Drinking Boys and Girls Choir from Daegu, South Korea who love drinking and having fun with DIY punk rock and subculture.

Is this your first time playing SXSW? What are your anticipations for your first ever SXSW?

Fresh air. Here, Koreans are being tortured by micro-dust nowadays. So we want to feel fresh air deep inside our lungs. Well, of course, we are expecting the variety of artist’s show and unexpected world-wide fan of us.

What advice have people given you leading into the event? 

Insoo Kim, who is the accordionist of Crying Nut (Korean famous punk band) told me “Don’t try to see the famous bands, because they’ll be last to enter. Every musician is cool so enjoy every time.” And another friend recommended drinking Budweiser.

What have been the highlights of the last 12 months?

In 2016, our drummer M.J. suffered a serious motorbike accident so we had to stopp playing. We worried about her healthy, fortunately, she recovered and we can start play again in 2018. And we released our first album at that time.  In 2018, so many things happened. We toured in Indonesia, signed to Damnably(U.K) and Electric Muse(Korea). And finally, we’ve announced the participation of SXSW too.

What are your plans for the year ahead, post SXSW? 

We will play at U.K with Octoboke beaver and Say Sue Me. After tour we will be playing The Great Escape festival 2019. You can find the information on Facebook or Twitter. After then, we don’t know anything yet. Maybe some adventure?

What do you hope to get out of SXSW 2019? 

We are basically a DIY band. So we need to communicate with other cool musicians. We hope in SXSW, we can make other chances to get to other countries to tour or make something cool.

There are thousands of performances at SXSW – what makes your act unique amongst the pack?

We are super cute also fucking powerful. we can fill your heartbeat with fast but cute-harmony. We’ll be performing at SXSW after a 20-hour flight. Come visit us. And feel the jetlagged dizzy punk sound of South Korea.

What other shows are you playing at SXSW?

We have another show, on Wed. March 13th, 12am at Valhalla! Our label, Damnably Records, will be putting on their own showcase with a bunch of our labelmates including Otoboke Beaver and Say Sue Me. Please come!

Listen to National Police Shit by Drinking Boys and Girls Choir below where the band produced the music video themselves!

“Almost everywhere we went for a gig, cops kept following us. We don’t know why but even when we were on our Indonesia tour, cops came to our gigs twice… so check our first album’s second track, National Police Shit… we made it ourselves in a DIY way.”