(G)I-DLE, the six-member South Korean girl-group, have gained incredible momentum, exploring fearlessly bold concepts that serve to emphasise their unique, yet signature sound that they have developed over the last two years since they have debuted.

(G)I-DLE’s third mini-album I Trust topped iTunes’ Top Album Charts in 61 regions worldwide. These achievements have brought them international fame, the group cementing their global status by signing with Republic Records in The United States, only further accelerating the group’s trajectory towards international mega-stardom.

In tandem with this success, (G)I-DLE was expected to visit 32 cities around the world – including stops in Australia – earlier this year. However, due to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tour was cancelled and instead rescheduled to an online concert; I-LAND : WHO AM I was live-streamed earlier this year in July, to critical acclaim.

Now, the girls will be performing online for a second time; GBC In The Neverland is set to be streamed online, live from Seoul, this upcoming weekend on November 8th!

Ahead of the fan-meeting, Hello Asia! editor Anastasia Giggins, had the opportunity to speak with MiyeonMinnieSoojinYuqiSoyeon, and Shuhua to hear about ‘Dumdi Dumdi’, their creative process, and singing in Mandarin – the girls even have a message for their fans, NEVERLAND!

Congratulations! Since we last spoke, you have released the widely successful, summery song ‘Dumdi Dumdi’. What is one message that you would like for your fans to take away from this vibrant track?

MIYEON: We wanted to boost people who were exhausted in the hot summer and also delivered our bright and exciting energy.

The song was also the first single in your discography to feature a Chinese version; what did the process of adapting the lyrics into Mandarin look like? Is this something you would like to do for all future releases? 

MINNIE: This was something difficult, but since YUQI taught us how to pronounce Chinese, and helped us while recording the song, it came out very well. I hope to release a Chinese version of the song I wrote, as well!

SOOJIN: To sing the song in Chinese was not easy, but YUQI helped me a lot. I practiced it a lot as well.

You are all involved in the songwriting and production of your music. What does this collaborative exercise look like? Is there a lot of negotiation and adaptation throughout the creative process, or do you now experience something more synergetic and cooperative the longer you work together as a team? 

MINNIE: [Working together] is much faster for song-writing than working alone. Together, we made great melody which I could not do alone – the lyrics were fun, as well! It was a great experience to learn from each other.

SOYEON: I prefer to work with only one person, rather than many people, because I like to create songs from personal emotions and experiences.

YUQI: I think it is better to work with other people because it helps me to get more creative ideas; you can gain energy from each other to get better results. Also, working this was is father than working alone.

For people who may not have listened to your music before, how would you describe the sound of (G)I-DLE?

SHUHUA: The music of (G)I-DLE is addictive and unique!

Who influences and inspires you? Why? 

MINNIE: Sasha Sloan. She is a singer who has attractive voice and mood. Since she can write songs very well, I’m inspired by her a lot.

SOYEON: The people who I love and have loved; I am inspired by what I’ve been through, my experiences, and what I hear from these people.

What is success to each of you? What would you like to achieve, together, as a team going into the future?

MIYEON: My goal is to show many people great music for a long time. I want to be healthy and happy, like now.

YUQI: I’d like to be ranked no.1 on music streaming sites!

What have been some of the most proudest or most memorable moments for (G)I-DLE?

SOOJIN: The most memorable moment for me is when I perform in front of NEVERLAND.

SHUHUA: NEVERLAND made the stage of ‘LATATA’ with their cheering voice at the last online concert. It was a short time of three or four minutes, but it remains the most memorable moment to me.

2020 has been a challenging year across the globe. As musicians and performers, how have you dealt with restrictions when it comes to performing? 

MIYEON: It’s a shame that we can’t meet NEVERLAND face to face, but we’re trying to communicate more often through online concerts, live broadcasts, and social medias.

Soon you will be meeting your fans across the globe with your online fan meeting, ‘GBC In The Neverland’. What are you most looking forward to? Can you give us any insight into what we can expect? 

SOYEON: You will be able to see our daily but unexpected sides. We are also preparing something new!

SHUHUA: We will show you a variety of our sides. Please look forward to it!

Of course, you have a bit of experience with performing in front of a virtual audience and this will not be the first time you have performed at an online concert – earlier this year, you virtually met your fans for ‘I-LAND: WHO AM I’. When preparing for these online shows, did you find that the process was different compared to preparing for a live stage performance? If so, in what ways was this process different?  

MINNIE: There were lots of lighting effects and graphics for our last online concert. Since those were exclusive feature of online performances, it was very interesting and new for me. I really hope to perform in front of NEVERLAND as soon as possible. It’s been too long since I heard voices of NEVERLAND!

What can we expect from (G)I-DLE in the future? What are your plans for the rest of 2020, going into 2021? 

MIYEON: I would like to see our fans more often in 2021, and I will keep-up with activities to communicate with them in the rest of 2020.

SOOJIN: I hope to wrap up the rest of 2020 with our fans healthy and would like to make a comeback with a good performance in 2021.

Do you have a message for your fans, NEVERLAND?

MIYEON: Dear NEVERLAND. As I always say, thank you and I love you so much. I feel sorry that I can’t meet you face to face, but I will try harder for you guys. Let’s stay together healthy for a long time!

MINNIE: Dear NEVERLAND! Please don’t get sick and take care of your health. I will wait until we meet soon!

SOOJIN: NEVERLAND! It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. I really miss the days we meet face to face. Please don’t skip your meal for your health and think about me a lot as well!

SOYEON: NEVERLAND, always thank you and I love you so much.

YUQI: NEVERLAND! Always thank you and I love you so much. Please take care of your health and wait until we meet again.

SHUHUA: NEVERLAND, long time no see. I really miss you. Are you guys doing well, like me? I don’t need to worry you, do I? Please wait a little longer!

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