Korean-American artist, Hae Hyun Choi, debuted in 2018 under the name of Hae.zy. Since the release of her first single ‘The Morning After‘, she has continued to explore genre and style; her recently released debut EP is a testament to her creative and personal growth. Love letter is a deeply personal body of work written to show the world who she is as an artist, unveiling her inner world through the exploration of who she is as a musician, an artist, and a Korean-American.

Serving up eclectic vibes and futuristic melodies, the EP features chilled-out instrumentals with live instruments accompanied by smooth vocals and poetic lyrics. 

Hae.zy passionately represents her Asian American roots, hoping to connect to her audience not only by expressing her eccentric sense of empathy in her music, but by speaking on important cultural matters. Following the release of her EP, Hello Asia! editor Anastasia Giggins, had the opportunity to speak with Hae.zy to hear about her creative process, her diverse influences and inspirations, and leaving a legacy of Love.

Hae.zy, tell us more about yourself! For people who may not have listened to your music before, how would you describe yourself and your sound? 

I’m a Korean-American independent artist and musician proud to be from Boston. Sonically, my music is heavily inspired by jazz, R&B, soul, and funk. Lyrically, all my inspiration comes from poetry and story-telling.

Congratulations on your brand-new debut EP, too! You have just released Love letter – how does it feel to finally have this work out in the world?

Excitement is definitely an understatement, I am so joyful and grateful to finally deliver this EP to the world. Four years of many new connections, deaths and rebirths, growth and transformations… this album is absolutely flawless even with all the imperfections.

The EP features your previously released single ‘Just Sayin’’- what is one message that you would like for listeners to take away from this track? 

Whatever it is that you have to say, say it with your chest and live out your truth with integrity. Never minimise your truths even when feeling emotional. How the world views you is not the whole truth and since we can only speak for ourselves, don’t allow others to take your voice.

On the subject of speaking for yourself and using your voice, are there particular themes or favourite topics that you prefer to write about? 

I prefer to write about real stories that people can connect and relate with, stories from others or my own personal ones. I love writing about human emotions and Love, about spirituality and peace. It’s cliche, but I love to write about love. The spectrum of love is so grand – there’s truly no limit and that’s inspiring to me.

Have you always wanted to be a musician? Where does this passion for music come from? 

During my younger years, I never wanted to be anything except myself. But music just came to me naturally and stuck with me since. The passion and love is deeper than ever today and will be stronger tomorrow. And wherever it takes me in the future, I trust this love enough to let it just happen.

You are very involved in the creative process of all of your music. Could you tell us what this process looks like? How has this changed over time?

The process is indescribable in just one interview. Maybe one day I can make a documentary on the process of creating art and music, but even that wouldn’t do it full justice. And it is different to every artist as well. But the biggest thing I took out of the creative process is patience and faith in God and in divine timing. This EP was a co-creation with me and the Higher Source. Every story is real and truly lived out from being conceived to birth. So unless I experience it, I can’t write about it.

If you had the chance to perform or collaborate with another artist, who would it be? 

I want to work with Erykah Badu, Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, Ari Lennox, CL and if one day our souls meet… Amy Winehouse.

What are you currently listening to now?

Pick up your feelings’ – Jazmine Sullivan.

What is success to you? What would you like to achieve going into the future?

Success to me is… full bliss and peace within myself. Wherever in life I’m at, I just want to stay fully present and in peace. In the future, I plan on creating and releasing a lot more music, collaborating with many artists, touring around the world to share the magic of music and Love with others. I want to create more opportunities and safe spaces for other artists to fully express themselves. I want to leave a legacy of Love.

Listen to Love letter on Spotify, now!

Photo Credit: Tina Vonn and Olivia Puruggunan (Babae Studios)