For those of you who have not heard of Soju, let us bring you up to speed!

Raised in Korea, Soju calls herself “K-pop’s Drag Princess” and was featured on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 11. On the show, she became well-known for utilising colourful K-Pop aesthetics and her 5th degree black belt Taekwondo skills.

Now, she hosts the popular Shot with Soju, a Korean-inspired variety show on YouTube that is dedicated to all things DRAG! Moreover, she is the creator of the Seoul Train Party, the first global all-inclusive Queer K-Pop Party. Seoul Train brings fan-favourite K-Pop songs into one night, filled with performances and a dance floor fun.

Making a a debut appearance at KCON LA this year, she was the first drag queen to ever appear in KCON’s history! We were fortunate to sit down with the spectacular Soju as she starred at this years RuPauls DragCon NY 2019.

We think it was amazing that you appeared at KCON L.A. Tell us, How did you end up working with KCON?

I was first invited to speak last year because my friend Edward Avila introduced me. After seeing how successful our panel was, they invited me back, but this time they wanted me to do a lot more than just speak at panel.

It is so difficult coming out, to friends and family and so many of today’s youth are so scared to tell. Would you tell us how you came out to your parents and friends?

I came out by having conversations with them. I was patient and they weren’t accepting at first and maybe they never will be,  but it’s all about being patient. Everyone’s story is different. Every family is different. As long as you’re safe and you’re happy with who you are, just let your family make their own decision. Don’t have too much expectations.

I heard you sing at RuPaul’s DragCon 2019 in NYC. We want to hear all about your music! What songs are coming out? Are you signed to a label? Any Collaborations in the future?

I’m not signed, no. I don’t really know any big companies that would be interested in a drag Queen.. LOL! But yes I’m privileged enough to work with many amazing producers and I’m continuing to work on more music. Some in Korean, most in English.

How did you connect with Margaret Cho?

I messaged her assistant not really expecting anything and they messaged me back! I was so surprised that she even would reply back but she was just so amazing. You know, having your role model tell you how proud they are of you is just an amazing thing!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I want to continue to travel the world and spread the joy of K-Pop and drag. If I can educate people about the queer community using K-Pop music, I’ll be happy.

Finally, Is there anything you want our readers to know…?

Just know that life is really a beautiful thing. Please focus on the beauty and less on the ugly side of things. Social media brings us together but don’t let it tears us apart. K-Pop is for everyone and you’re allowed to love it however you want. Let’s spread love using K-Pop.

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Photo Credit: Natalie Johnson