Nearly 110 bands from 17 countries are making their way to Seoul, South Korea this week for the seventh annual Zandari Festa. The event runs from October 4 – 7 and will features concerts, conferences, parties and networking events at venues across Seoul’s famed Hongdae district.

Zandari Festa is South Korea’s premier music showcase festival and in addition to attracting music fans from around the world, this year’s edition will also be attended by music industry professionals from 22 different countries including staff from Sounds Australia and folks from other renowned music outings such as Spain’s Primavera Sound, England’s Glastonbury, Slovakia’s Pohoda Fest, Serbia’s Exit, Thailand’s Big Mountain Festival, Hong Kong’s Clockenflap, China’s Midi and more.

We spoke with some of the Asian and European bands that will be playing at Zandari Festa 2018.

First up, Indonesia’s Wake Up Iris!, who will play at Zandari Festa on October 5 at Convent Live Pub. We caught up with Vania Marisca of the duo to learn more about them, and talk about the upcoming set.

Why are you excited to play at Zandari Festa?

This is our first time performing internationally on our own. We’re excited to experience a new place, a new story and new people from all around the world. We’re nervous, but so happy and can’t wait to go there. It’s similar to our song ‘Resfeber’, which is about the feeling when your heartbeat races, and you’re nervous, happy and excited before going on a journey.

What’s something interesting that all music fans at Zandari Festa should know about your band?

We’re a duo from Indonesia. I believe we’re one of a kind (am about 89% sure!) and our music features kick drum, viola, nylon guitar and vocals. We guarantee you’ll experience something different and your imagination will go to a magical place when you listen to us.

What do you have planned for your Zandari Festa showcase?

We will be playing songs from our debut album A U R E O L E. We’re going to be brave and be ourselves. We’re coming from far away for this opportunity. It’s not easy to do, but our showcase could be something that changes our lives. We hope it will have a positive impact on the audience too.

Learn more about Zandari Festa at their official website HERE. And learn more about the band at their official website HERE.