K-Pop rookie sensation GFriend talks to our editor Johnny Au exclusively in Seoul. The six member girl group burst onto the K-Pop scene with their cute concepts, energetic dance routines and first class vocals.

GFriend made their debut in January 2015 with the EP Season of Glass and their hit debut single “Glass Bead”. GFriend followed up their successful debut with the smash EP Flower Bud which contained the hit “Me Gustas Tu”. The girls gained infamy when a fan video of their stage mishap went viral around the world and was picked up by media such as BBC, CNN and Mashable. Johnny sat down with the girls and spoke about the memories of their debut and much more! (TURN ON YOUR CAPTIONS FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES).

1, 2, 3, Hello we are GFriend!

Hello GFriend! Can each of you individually introduce yourself?

Sowon: Hello I am the leader of GFriend Sowon, also known as the ‘Golden Ratio’

Yerin: Hello I am the ‘Red Ginseng’ of GFriend, Yerin

Yuju: Hello I am the main vocal for GFriend, Yuju

Umji: Hello I am the youngest of GFriend, Umji

SinB: Hello I am the main dancer of GFriend with unexpected charms, SinB

Eunah: Hello I am the voice of GFriend Eunah

My first question to you is thinking back to your trainee days can you tell me some of your best memories as a trainee?

Sowon: As a trainee… no wait. Even though it was only a minor event, straight after our debut us 6 members saved up time to go for a bike ride at Hankang together. It was only for a short period of time, but we felt like we had so much freedom for ourselves. The weather was great as well and we enjoyed good food so it remains as a very pleasant memory for us. Even now we still say ‘I want to go for a bike ride again’. So that remains as our most memorable moment.

How long do you train each day? I notice that GFriend dance to such hard choreography?

Umji: We still come to practice every morning at the company’s studio, but before our comeback or debut or the release of a new album, we normally spend the entire day at the practice studio. But even within that time-frame, choreography practice has great importance to us. So if we need, we do practice the choreography for more than 10 hours.

GFriend has achieved quite a lot in such a short space of time. You were also nominated for the MTV EMA Awards in the Best Korean Artist category. Congratulations! What are your thoughts now that you have made your debut?

Sowon: Thank you! First of all, everyone had been a trainee for a long time and dreamed of becoming a singer since we were very young. We did go through a lot of difficult times till the debut but now even though we do get tired we enjoy all the day to day album activities. We don’t really get the feeling of being a singer or an entertainer yet. We still feel like we are living our ordinary lives but now as we have achieved our dreams, everyday feels like a dream to all of us.


Lets talk about the two songs you have released so far. Lets start with your debut song “Glass Bead”. Can you describe the song and video for me? Also, what was it like to perform it for the first time on the weekly K-Pop shows?

SinB: Our debut song “Glass Bead”, its lyrics is a song which describes having an unbreakable love with a lover and the hope of lighting up the world where the unbreakable love exists. It is a love song that sings of a girl’s pure love.

Umji: The music video for our song “Glass Bead” was filmed at school and the costume is a school uniform as well. It captures the pure love and the school life of young girls

Eunah: It was a debut which everyone dreamed of, so we had a very nervous but exciting debut stage. But luckily a lot of people liked our song and we are very thankful to everyone who did


Lets talk about your next comeback “Me Gustas Tu”. Can you describe the song and video?

Sowon: Our second album “Me Gustuas Tu” describes the heart-fluttering feeling which girls feel toward their lovers.

Yerin: Connecting with “Glass Bead”, “Me Gustas Tu” moves beyond the school life and features the girls’ enjoying the experience of visiting their grandmother’s place during a summer holiday. It is kind of like the second version of “Glass Bead” and the video presents it in a lovely way

GFriend lets talk about the stage mishap incident where members fell over multiple times. That fan video went viral and it was reported by many media outlets around the world. Can you tell me what exactly what happened during that performance?

Yuju: It was an outside performance that day and it was raining a bit. At the beginning of “Glass Bead” performance the rain was not that heavy, but once “Me Gustas Tu” performance began the rain started to get heavy. There were also lots of months on stage at the time so the members were really cautious during the performance. Even though we were cautious it was very slippery and we ended up falling over multiple times. Luckily no one got seriously injured and the performance ended really well. So we think it was lucky for all of us.

When will we see GFriend perform in Australia? What would you like to do in Australia?

Sowon: Up until now after the debut we haven’t been to overseas countries yet. As for myself, I have never been to another country in my life. So for now, we want to try harder and when we do get the chance, no matter what type of stage and performance we want to perform in Australia to meet our fans. Also, we would love to be on stage to promote ourselves to more people. So please invite us to Australia!

Do you have a message for your fans?

Sowon: To our fans; continued from our first album “Glass Bead” we have finished performing and promoting for our second album “Me Gustas Tu”. We have put a lot of efforts in during the time and the fans had been a great support for us which allowed us to complete our promotion period successfully. We will always try our best to keep on improving ourselves so please continue to support us and be our fans. We promise to keep up the good work! And to our Australian fans; we will work harder in hope to visit you in Australia and we wish to meet you as soon as possible. Please remember our group GFriend!

We are GFriend and thank you for listening!

Translation by Lucy Lee

Photos courtesy of Source Music