Our assistant editor Kat (a longtime subscriber) caught up with Kim Dao during KCON Day One to chat about living in Korea and Japan, the differences in beauty products and plans for content now she’s back in Oz!

Kat: Welcome to K-Con! What are you looking forward to most?

Kim: Thank you! I’m looking forward to mainly the Kbeauty Panels. No, wait, can I change it? Cause that’s really dumb, cause I’m in them *both laugh* So let’s just change to something else. Honestly I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new people, and just meeting people that are interested in Korean culture as well!

Kat: And have you met Sara (SeoulSarang) before today?

Kim: Yeah, I met Sara in July this year. I met her during a K-Office event, actually, and we spent about 10 days together in Seoul. And since she’s also an Australian, we thought that we can try and come to K-Con together. So it’s great!

Kat: Are you looking forward to the concert tonight as well? Do you have a favourite group?

Kim: I am up to new experiences, I don’t really know much about K-Pop. I’m very interested in the experience, so excited for it!

Kat: Concerts in Australia, are they slightly different to concerts in Korea and Japan? Have you been to many in the countries that you’ve lived in?

Kim: The only concert I’ve been to was an Australian Idol concert back in the day.

Kat: Oh, really? Australian Idol?

Kim: Yeah, back in the day. I was obsessed with Anthony Callea. K-Pop concerts, no, because it’s really hard to get tickets to K-Pop concerts, and Japan I never went to concerts there either, unfortunately.

Kat: What about the lifestyle? What are the major differences between Korea and Japan living as a foreigner?

Kim: Both Korea and Japan are very similar in different ways. They are both very fast-paced. I find in Japan they follow the rules a lot more compared to Korea, and they tend to be more polite. But I find that Korea is actually more advanced than Japan. Which is really interesting. What I also say is that Korea is really good for shopping because it’s really cheap, particularly compared to Japan. Japan is really good for sightseeing and culture, because there’s so much you can do. I think they’re both very different, but that’s what the main differences are!

Kat: And you’ve just moved back to Australia. So you’re going to be here indefinitely. What do you miss the most?

Kim: I miss food the most. The convenience. Because Australia … Sometimes the train comes, sometimes it just doesn’t come. Buses as well. I miss the busy lifestyle a little bit, because Australia’s very chilled…

Kat: And especially Perth, right? You’re in Perth. It’s super chill.

Kim: Yeah, Perth is a lot more quiet. Really chill. No one cares, which is nice, because I did miss that. But I do miss the busy lifestyle. I do miss being able to just go out and do something, because Australia, 5 o’clock, everything’s closed, there’s nothing to do. Yeah, I miss … I miss cheap food, because it’s so expensive here.

Kat: Good delicious cheap food!

Kat: A lot of your content focuses on makeup and skincare and things like that. Did you see a lot of the trends changing as you were leaving over there? Because I feel like Korea and Japan are ahead in that aspect.

Kim: Yeah. They are very ahead. To be honest, I don’t use makeup and skincare in Australia, because it’s so expensive. You can buy … A mascara here is $20 or $25, which is a high-end brand in Korea and Japan, so why would I spend $20 or $25 at a drugstore here. Yeah, and also my skin, it suits Korean skincare and makeup better … Same with Japan as well, because it’s not as strong, my skin. I find skincare and makeup here breaks me out because it’s too strong. So it’s really, really different, but I do like some US brands as well, so it really depends on what brand it is.

Kat: You try a lot of new skincare as well. When you’re in Japan, it seems like you buy something new everyday!

Kim: I bought so much. I love Etude House skin care. I don’t spend that much on skin care, and Etude House is affordable. The moisture collagen series I rave so much about. I’ve used it for two years, and my skin has gotten so much better. And it’s only like $10 for a bottle of toner, and it works really well.

Kat: So the collagen line is your favourite?

Kim: It’s really, really good.

Kat: How are you going to get it here?

Kim: I might Ebay it, perhaps, or Amazon’s coming soon. I don’t know when they’re going to come, but hopefully soon.

Kat: And so what about your plans for the future now that you’re back in Australia? Continuing content, of course.

Kim: Yeah, so I am moving in with my boyfriend soon because we bought an apartment together.

Kat: Congratulations!

Kim: Thank you. So hopefully in two weeks we’re gonna settle, and then … Yeah, continued content. I’m gonna continue making videos, hopefully. Because I don’t live in Korea and Japan anymore, and I know most of my content was focused on that, I am going to try and travel there every year. I’m thinking of doing a trip in December to Korea and Japan again, so that would be really exciting. Really exciting.

Kat: And when you’re producing content in Australia, what do you think you’re going to focus on here?

Kim: For my main channel, I’m still gonna do K-beauty and Japanese beauty, because I can just get the products and then film at home, so I don’t have to do it in Japan or Korea. And on my blog channel, I guess blogs around Australia and hopefully people will still enjoy that.

Kat: And then finally, is there anything that you’d like to say to all of your fans that came to see you and take photos with you here at K-Con?

Kim: Thank you so much for taking your time out to see me. I know it was super hot today, and I wouldn’t be able to come here if it wasn’t for you guys, so thank you so much!

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