Former EXO member, Kris Wu who has starred in several Chinese box office breaking hits such as Somewhere Only We Know and Mr Six will add another blockbuster to his name, L.O.R.D – Legend of Ravaging Dynasties. We spoke to Wu about his journey filming the fantasy action film, and get a glimpse of the good relationship he has with his fellow actors during filming.

How did you get into character for L.O.R.D? What preparations did you make?

The director showed us the animation and talked through the script before we started filming. He gave us a rough idea of what needed to be filmed and I ended up reading through the novel and script to get into character. All the actors would also gather together and discuss the script.

What was the most memorable scene?

My most memorable was a running scene with William and Aarif. It was like we had a race and ran the whole day dressed in heavy faceware. It was so heavy and draining, we couldn’t even sweat through it and had to run non-stop.


Did you encounter any obstacles or bottlenecks during filming? How did you adjust yourself?

I wouldn’t really call it a bottleneck, just some details I needed to figure out. For example, some scenes require a lot of imagination, especially the ones that involve magic. How to make something like a spell look like it actually exists. I was able to overcome it by discussing it with the director and the other actors and they were able to help and provide some tips.

Who’s your favourite character in the storyline? Why?

It must be Yin Chen! He’s good looking, powerful and has access to many horcuxes! Makes me feel like a tyrant, haha.

Do you plan to try any breakthrough projects in the future?

Of course! I still want to try a lot of projects and characters.

L.O.R.D – Legend of Ravaging Dynasties is currently screening across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and Ireland. For screening and ticketing information see Magnum Films website and the official L.O.R.D website.