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Krocodile, the charismatic frontman of South Korean metal outfit Victim Mentality speaks to us about their upcoming appearance at SXSW 2016. This will be the 2nd appearance at SXSW for Victim Mentality, who showcased at the festival in 2015. Formed in 2009, Victim Mentality combines a glamours mix of 80s heavy metal and glam rock.

Often referred to as the most flamboyant and entertaining metal group to come out of Korea, SXSW 2016 will see Victim Mentality perform at K-Pop Night Out plus an additional performance at V-Rox Showcase. On 10th of March will see Victim Mentality release a brand new single called “I Hate Hiphop”.  The single will be the group’s first recording with new guitarist Die-Amond.

Who are you, what band do you play in and what do you do in said band?

Hi, my name is Krocodile and I am the vocalist for Victim Mentality from Seoul, South Korea. Our band plays glam metal and heavy metal.

Have you played SXSW before? If so, how many times?

We play at SXSW for the first time last year. It was an awesome experience.

What are you hoping will come out of this year’s event for you?

We don’t have any expectations. We’ll be satisfied with simply playing really great performances.

Why should SXSW attendees come and see you?

Something special about us is that we are protected by the metal gods. So in our performances, there is chi or spiritual energy. If you come and see us play, this energy will make you healthier and richer.

Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself! Then you will truly know.

What would be a track that you think best represents where your band is right now, and what audiences can expect from your sound and your set?

“Don’t Spit on Me”

What made you want to showcase at SXSW?

Money – I think that if we do happen to find some success at SXSW, we can finally start earning some money!

Do you have any dream collaborations?

No, I don’t like collaborating with other people. I’ve got all of the musical greatness I already need right here in Victim Mentality!

How much more US touring is on the cards for this year?

As of right now, SXSW will be our only US appearance this year. But we’d love to get back to the US for more shows as soon as we can.

How do you think / hope the American crowd will receive your music?

I think they’ll love it! And it will be good for them too. Like I said before, we are full of spiritual energy. Sometimes people pass out because of this strong energy. But once you have watched our show right to the end, good things will come your way like promotions, winning the lottery, etc.

What other Korean acts playing SXSW would you recommend the rest of the world to see?

Victim Mentality are the only band the world needs to see!

Victim Mentality @ SXSW 2016

March 16 Austin, TX @ The Belmont – K-Pop Night Out Showcase (8:20PM – 9:00PM)
March 19 Austin, TX @ Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room – V-Rox Showcase (12:00AM – 12:40AM)

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