Hello Asia sits down with the eight members of K-Pop girl group Lovelyz and discuss their latest album A New Trilogy, which is the second mini album released by the group. The girls of Lovelyz has had a meteoric rise in the K-Pop world with their killer vocals and their outstanding ability to harmonise which has distinguished the group in a crowded market. We chat to the girls about the making of A New Trilogy, the world wide reaction to their acapella version of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, life as a K-Pop idol and more!

Hello Lovelyz! Congratulations on your latest comeback mini album A New Trilogy. What does A New Trilogy mean? Can you explain the concepts and themes that are explored on the mini album?

SooJung: Our new album means ‘The beginning of the third series’. It is a continuation from the last three girl series ‘Candy, Jelly, Love’, ‘Hi’ and ‘Ah-Choo’. From this album you can see a more mature music colour of Lovelyz, singing about deep one-sided love!

YeIn: ‘A New Trilogy’ means ‘a new third series’. Compared to the bright girly atmosphere from our last album, we will be showing a bit more mature side of us Lovelyz with the new album. The title song will also have different style compared to before so the public would be able to see another Lovelyz style.

JiAe: With the meaning of ‘the beginning of the third series’, the title song for this mini album ‘Destiny (My Earth)’ sings about the moon’s revolution around the Earth and vice versa as a metaphor of one-sided love. The song is very sentimental with a sense of sadness. As it is the new beginning, we wanted to show a more mature colour of Lovelyz.

Jin: ‘A New Trilogy’ means the beginning point of Lovelyz’s new third series. We tried to create sentimental atmosphere with this album. The album reflects our desire to show our fans different styles of Lovelyz by trying different music colours.

MiJoo: Till now we have been showing a pure and cute side of us as young girls. With our new album we wanted to show a matured side of us and music. We tried hard to approach our fans with a new style.

JiSoo: It has the meaning of ‘a beginning of a new trilogy’ and is an album where we tried to show a more mature style of Lovelyz compared to the previous ‘Candy, Jelly, Love’, ‘Hi’, and ‘Ah-Choo’. The sounds of violin added to the dreamy melody created sadness.

Baby Soul: The debut songs ‘Candy, Jelly, Love’, ‘Hi’ and ‘Ah-Choo’ were the girls’ three series. The album ‘A New Trilogy’ means the beginning of another three series of Lovelyz. It is more mature and dreamy concept compared to our previous pureness and cuteness as girls.

Kei: As it is the beginning of a new trilogy, the audience will be able to see a more mature music and Lovelyz.


What are some of the new dance routines or ideas that you worked on for “A New Trilogy”?

Soojung: There are many point movements for the song ‘Destiny (My Earth)’, but the choreography demonstrating rotation and revolution of the planets in the latter half of the song is very pretty.

YeIn: The choreography we will be showing with the title song ‘Destiny (My Earth)’ focuses more on the dance lines and feels, in contrast to the cute point movements we showed previously. As the song’s subtitle is ‘My Earth’, the choreography will have a lot of circle movements with the point dance we named ‘rotation axis’. So it will be more interesting for the fans to think of the Earth, the moon and the sun when they watch us perform!

JiAe: There are lots of choreography in cyclic motion! We tried hard to make both of our individual and group movements in cyclic motions.

Jin: Till now we showed cuteness through our songs such as ‘Ah-Choo’, but the fans will be surprised to see our mature side even with our hairstyle and costumes.

MiJoo: Within the ‘Destiny (My Earth)’ choreography, there is a movement that mimics the pull of the gravity which reflects the lyric ‘Gravity that pulls me’.

JiSoo: ‘Destiny (My Earth)’ has point movement of ‘rotation dance’ and ‘Earth dance’. ‘Earth dance’ represents the Earth’s roundness, and the ‘rotation dance’ represent the Earth’s rotation. Both movements appear in the verse.

Baby Soul: As the subtitle for the title song ‘Destiny’ is ‘My Earth’, the overall choreography is symbolic representation of the moon and planets rotating around the Earth, moving in circles.

Kei: The overall choreography and concepts of the new title song ‘Destiny (My Earth)’ uses a lot of round symbols. As the performances show higher level of completion, I think the fans will like it more as well.


Let’s talk about the music video that was filmed for ‘Destiny (My Earth)’. Can you explain the video?    

Soojung: We have used a lot of circle objects and movements such as glass beads, circling platform and cyclic camera walk to demonstrate our subtitle ‘My Earth’.

YeIn: Similar to the choreography, the music video used a lot of sphere objects such as glass beads and circle drawings on canvas. Each of the members even filmed sitting on a rotating chair! It would be nice for the fans to see how we deliver our feelings with our eyes.

JiAe: As our point movements and the overall choreography shows, our music video also has a lot of rotating scenes. The rotating camera walk represented revolution and rotation with a toned-down atmosphere to demonstrate tension.

Jin: The camera rotated around us when filming just like how the Earth rotates. The edited scene we saw after shooting was awesome!

MiJoo: For the new music video, there are lots of circling scenes as a symbolic representation for the moon rotating the Earth and the Earth rotating the sun.

JiSoo: We used camera walking with 360° rotations to parallel with the song’s concept and the lyrics.

Baby Soul: Within the song Lovelyz represents the moon. So the camera filmed as rotating, and the prompts such as glass beads and light bulbs were also shoot as rotating and shaking.

Kei: We symbolically represented the moon rotating the Earth as ‘I’ who only circles the person I love. The camera walking rotates as well to represent the concept, and also prompts representing roundness such as glass beads and compass were used.


Lovelyz is recognised as one of the best vocal groups in K-Pop. This is shown in your acapella version of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” on Korean TV show Sketchbook. How long did it take to practice “Beat It”? Your English pronunciation was really great! As you know the video went viral and many foreign news outlets who don’t usually report on K-Pop wrote about Lovelyz. Were you surprised by the international reaction to “Beat It”? 

Soojung: We prepared a lot of acapella songs before our comeback with ‘Ah-Choo’. It took us a lot of practice and a long time to prepare so we are very thankful and proud for such big recognition!

YeIn: We were very thankful for the attention! The public gave us a lot of recognition even though we still have lot to improve. We want to thank everyone for such positive feedbacks!

JiAe: We had practiced a lot even before the debut. We did not expect the reaction to be so good so we are very thankful for the public liking our cover. We have a lot more songs to show other than ‘Beat It’.

Jin: We were surprised by how much attention and reaction we received. We thought we were not ready to get so much attention. We want to thank everyone who showed interest and amongst the members we promised each other to work harder.

MiJoo: Because we still have a lot to work on, all the attentions and positive feedback surprised me very much.

JiSoo: We were very surprised! We thought to ourselves to try and practice harder for such big reactions and we promised each other to practice more to be able to perform various songs with Lovelyz’s colour.

Baby Soul: When we first heard about the reactions we were very surprised and didn’t believe it. We have been practicing acapella even before the debut, and it was such an honour to have received so much attention and interests!

Kei: We were amazed and thankful for so much attention! Through that performance I was able to peek into our potential. If we are given the chance I want to perform in various places.


Would we see more acapella version of songs by Lovelyz in the future?

Soojung: Yes! We will practice hard for good songs so please look out for more!

YeIn: Yes! We are preparing more acapella covers for other songs as well so please look out for more from us!

JiAe: We want to sing for you as much as possible when we get the chance.

Jin: Of course! There are acapella covers we practiced in smaller teams and as a whole group as part of our album preparation.

MiJoo: We wish to show various genres of acapella such as powerful and sentimental.

JiSoo: Yes! You can look forward to more.

Baby Soul: Because we have been practicing acapella since our time as trainee, we are trying to show various acapella when we get the chance. So we want to show you as much as possible!

Kei: Of course! We want to show more different and diverse styles of acapella.


It’s been more than 18 months since Lovelyz made their debut. How is life as a K-Pop idol? What has been some of your best memories since debuting?

Soojung: I think it is very worthy to be living the life of a K-Pop idol. It is such a joy to grow from practice and to be loved by the fans. There have been a lot of different moments, but the most memorable is our first performance stage after debut and the first time when we met our fans.

YeIn: I feel proud of being an idol because I am promoting Korean culture through K-Pop. I am thankful for a lot of things, especially because we are being loved by so many people. The most memorable experience after our debut for me is the mini-concert because we were able to perform our songs for the fans and also interact with them by doing so.

JiAe: I feel that the time has flown by, but there has been a lot of things happening during that time. I am very thankful just being able to work that allows me to be loved by so many people. The most memorable time for me is our first Japan concert. I was very surprised by how much the fans greeted us even though it was before our official debut in Japan.

Jin: The most memorable moment for me was when we first went overseas for a performance.

MiJoo: During the first mini concert, the fans were holding up the slogans when the lights got turned off and on again at the end of the last song. I could not stop myself crying when I saw that. Thank you very much Lovelinus.

JiSoo: Every time we meet with the fans is the most memorable moment for me. Recently, the loud cheering and support from the fans for the pre-filming and live performance for ‘Destiny (My Earth)’ was very emotional for me.

Baby Soul: We are very thankful for the overseas fans for showing a lot of interest in K-Pop. As we are receiving so much support and love, we want to give as much energy as we can. The most memorable moment for me was when we first performed overseas with the song ‘Hi’. Even though I was nervous, the reactions from the fans enabled me to perform with more energy and enthusiasm.

Kei: As it is the job where we receive a lot of love, I am living a very happy life. The most memorable moments for me was when we performed on the debut showcase stage and when we went for overseas performance.


If Lovelyz music was a flavour what flavour would it be?

Soojung: A taste you cannot quit!

YeIn: Spicy! Because you keep thinking about it!

JiAe: Spicy. I think Lovelyz brings out the addictiveness of the composer Yoon Sang’s songs with girly atmosphere.

Jin: Sweet and sour taste, because there are different tastes within.

MiJoo: Spicy. Because you want to have it again and again.

JiSoo: Clean taste. Because it is the taste which people can enjoy for a long time without getting tired of it!

Baby Soul: Dark chocolate! As there is a hint of bitterness within the sweetness, Lovelyz always has sadness within the brightness.

Kei: Taste of oxygen. Like oxygen which cannot be breathed out after inhaling, I wish everyone cannot escape from Lovelyz’s music.


When will we see Lovelyz perform in Australia? What would you like to do in Australia?

Soojung: If Australia wants and calls for us, Lovelyz will be ready to run to you! I want to perform the most when I go to Australia.

YeIn: Lovelyz really want to go to Australia! As soon as possible! If we do go to Australia we want to meet our fans first, and take photos with a koala.

JiAe: I believe we will get the chance to go if we grow a bit more. I want to meet the Australian fans up close as soon as possible!

Jin: I want to meet the fans who love Lovelyz, and also want to have delicious food!

MiJoo: I really want to perform in Australia. When Lovelyz gains more popularity I definitely will want to have a concert in Australia.

JiSoo: We will definitely go if we do get invited. I want to have a good time at the beach and also meet the fans close up.

Baby Soul: I really want to go to Australia and perform if I get the chance. When I do go, I really want to see a kangaroo in real life.

Kei: I want to go right now if we are given the chance! I want to visit the tourist spots in Australia or taste famous Australian food.


What’s Lovelyz scheduled plans for the rest of 2016? And do you have any messages for your fans?

Soojung: In 2016 we will continue to show our best on music stages, showing different charms. For our fans who always are on our side watching the performances and listening to our music, thank you so much. We promise to continuously show growth and development. Love you all!!

YeIn: Our plan for 2016 is to show different styles of Lovelyz and to show improved performances. To our fans, thank you guys for always cheering for us!! We promise to improve and become more lovely so do not go anywhere but stay with us! We love you Lovelinus.

JiAe: I want 2016 to be the growth year for Lovelyz. I want to promote our group more by showing our different charms apart from the ones we show through the music performances. Also, I want to try different concepts to make people think ‘Lovelyz can perform even with concepts like this’. Another hope is to become a ‘wannabe-group’, where people with dreams of becoming a singer thinks ‘I want to become like Lovelyz’. For our Lovelinus! We are always receiving so much strength from your cheering. You are the best for us and now we want to be your energy. We miss you every time we see you Lovelinus, thank you!

Jin: I want our group to mature step by step. We promise to show hard working and better performances. Please show us lots of support and love. Thank you.

MiJoo: I want to grow continuously like now, getting close to the top step by step. For our Lovelinus, thank you so much for supporting us wherever we go. You always cheer for us when we face difficulties, worry about us the most, makes us happy the most, and stand with us every time. Thank you so much and I hope we can always be together like this. I love you Lovelinus.

JiSoo: To show Lovelyz improving and performing more energetically. Also by trying harder is the goal as well as the plan.

Baby Soul: Lovelyz in 2016 wants to meet various fans with different colours and styles from 2015’s Lovelyz. Thank you to our fans for always being such a huge support, and I promise Lovelyz to be able to to give more energy to the fans. Thank you!

Kei: I want 2016 to be the year of growth for Lovelyz and also the year where we become closer to the public. To our Lovelinus fans who are always on our side supporting us, I love you so much! Please stay on our side.

Translation by Lucy Lee