Hello Asia’s Grace Casley spoke with Korean pop group LUNAFLY during their visit to Brisbane recently. LUNAFLY was performing a showcase concert in Australia for the very first time and they introduced new members Yub and Jin. LUNAFLY spoke to Grace about their thoughts on Albert Einstein, which LUNAFLY member is a better drag queen and Sam’s chest hair.

Do you think Einstein was weird because he was a genius or a genius because he was weird?

Yub: He’s weird because he’s a genius.

Sam: I think we all agree on that

What is the No.1 place you would like to go on vacation? 

Yub: Jeju Island

Sam: Yes Jeju Island. Its nice there.

If you were a kitchen utensil which would you be? And why?

Jin: I would be chopsticks. Because people look for chopsticks the most.

Yun: Spoon. Because you can put alot of things in a spoon.

Yub: Knife.

Sam: Because he likes to cut things! Do you have the half fork, half spoon? The spork? I would be the spork. Because I can cover everything with that. Good answer right?

Which LUNAFLY member would make the best drag queen?

Sam: One, two, three… (all point at Jin). Look at him (Jin) look at his face. He’s beautiful. Who do you think? (Grace points at Jin).  I think everyone in this room thinks its Jin.

What is the best qualities of each member?

Sam: We’re not good at this. We’re not good at complimenting each other.

Yun: Nothing (laughs). Just kidding!

Sam: Good thing about Jin is he will make a good drag queen. He’s very pretty to look at. When you look at Yub you feel very happy because he’s so round. He just looks like Thomas The Tank Engine. He’s just very happy. Yun, he’s handsome but I don’t care if he is or not right? He does have good knees as you can see (shows knees). I can’t wear these trousers because I have hair (on my knees). What about me?

Yun: You have chest hair.

Same: I have a heart shaped patch of hair (on my chest). It is actually heart shaped.