Hello Asia chats with the fabulous girls from MAMAMOO in Seoul. After a successful summer with their hit song “Um Oh Ah Yeah” and their first visit to the US, we talk to MAMAMOO members Solar, WheeIn, Moonbyul and Hwasa about their past year. We also ask MAMAMOO who their “Girl Crush” is and advice for people who want to make it as a K-Pop idol. TURN ON YOUR CAPTIONS FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Hi MAMAMOO! Its great to talk to you again. I believe you just came back from the US. How was the trip and what did you do there?

Solar: Yes, not long ago we went to Los Angeles and did a performance and fan-meeting. We met our American fans and made some really great memories.

Did you get to experience any US culture?

Wheein: Well, we didn’t have the freedom to experience a lot of America’s culture, so that was a bit of a shame. But even through sight-seeing and travelling here and there, we were able to enjoy America. So I think it was good.

The last time we spoke was exactly one year ago after your debut with Mr Ambiguous. How is life as an idol one year after debut? Your schedules seems to be so busy!

Hwasa: It’s only been one year, now we’re finished preparing and are ready to run rather than walk, I think. So it’s a bit embarrassing to say we’ve been around for a long time. I think from now on is the actual beginning.


You released your third album over the summer with Pink Funky and the smash hit Um Oh Ah Yeah. Did you enjoy playing the characters in the music video?

Moonbyul: Yes when we filmed the music video, we had a lot of fun with it. Our other music videos were also fun to film, but while filming this one we didn’t even feel tired. We thought of it as taking on a new experience, and we kept thinking about enjoying it, we didn’t feel the time pass. I think we had a great time filming.

Do you have any individual schedules coming up?

Solar: After finishing our promotions [for this song], we’ve been doing a variety of things including acting and variety shows. It’s important as MAMAMOO, so we’re working hard as MAMAMOO and we’re working hard as individuals as well. We’re preparing a lot for the future.

Your last release was the OST Girl Crush. Who do you have Girl Crushes on?

Wheein: Mine is… MAMAMOO! (laughs) If you say “MAMAMOO”, it’s Girl Crush. If you say “Girl Crush”, it’s MAMAMOO. Got it? (laughs)

You attended many auditions before you were accepted at RainbowBridge World (RBW). What advice do you have for people who want to be K-Pop artists?

Hwasa: I think that perseverance is the most important. We went through countless auditions too, but it’s important to enjoy it, and it’s also important to work hard. But… how should I say it… not giving up. I think that continuously working hard can lead to a lot of opportunities. So I really want to cheer on everyone who is preparing to become a singer. Don’t give up!


What’s the plans for MAMAMOO for the rest of 2015?

Moonbyul: Hm… there’s only two months left. Time flew by really fast throughout 2015 and we’ve already come this far. The remaining two months could turn into variety or events. Wherever it is, you’ll probably be able to see us, but I think we’ll be practicing for our future comeback. We’ll see you soon.

Message for your fans

Solar: We say this a lot, but MAMAMOO exists because of MooMoo, and MooMoo exist because of MAMAMOO. I hope that we’ll continue to have a great relationship in the future. Thank you!

Thank you MAMAMOO. We love you girls! Please come to Australia soon!

Wheein: It’s been an honour to do this interview. We also want to meet our fans in Australia and communicate a lot together. We really want to go to Australia. We’ll come see you! Bye!!

Translation by Cassandra Monjo