One of Asia’s most popular and influential rock bands, Mayday, will be taking their 10th World Tour down to Australia and New Zealand in September!

We get a chance to chat with the hugely popular Taiwanese band about their Life World Tour, their impressions of Australia and New Zealand as well as their expectations for their upcoming visit. “Mayday will be bringing over our Life World Tour! This is our 10th World Tour since debut and we’re very happy to get the chance to fly down to the southern half of the hemisphere. To Australia!”

The theme of the world tour is an escape from an ordinary day and stepping into Mayday’s LIFE Corporation. Mayday explains that “Life Tour was not decided by one member, but a concept that was decided by all the members together. This concept reflects Mayday’s music and lifestyle because life is a long and never ending journey. Just like how people work together in the same company, become colleagues that you can share good things with. You will end up with someone who can support you in the workforce. So for that reason, we are inviting our fans to join us for Mayday’s Life Corporation to share the good things in life.”

The super down to earth members also gave us an insight on how to get their attention on social media “Everyone knows that Mayday treats fans very well and we sometimes reply to fans on Facebook or Weibo.” Ashin explains that “I really like looking at the fan’s comments! Like we said before, Mayday likes sharing good things and good words with everyone. For example, I like choosing fans who have themselves as their display photo. A lot of fans like using the members as their display photo and it feels quite odd, as if I’m talking to myself”. Masha adds that “when you choose someone with their own photo, it feels like we actually know the person and it’s more personalised”. Ashin further expresses that he loves to select fans who live in cities far away. “Like when I see fans from Australia or New Zealand, I would like to go and talk to them and see how their lifestyle is. Especially since we don’t go over that often, it feels like their world is very different from our own.”

“Besides singing, Mayday concerts are known for our chitchats on stage. Even news reports after our concert are often about our talking segments and not our performance itself. We never plan what we say on stage, it’s always what comes to mind at the time. Sometimes we like interact with the fans and preplanning what we say will be very unnatural”

Mayday then gives us on an insight of how they feel about visiting down under and what the love about the country. “It’s already been 6 years since we were last in Australia, with New Zealand being a whole 8 years ago! Mayday actually has a lot of great impressions on these two countries.” Monster tells us that “I didn’t realise it’s been so long and it’s such a rare opportunity for us to go there (Australia and New Zealand). They have good food, fresh air and it’s such a beautiful place. I’m always happy when I’m there.”

Guanyou also expresses his love for Australia saying that “every time we’re in Australia or New Zealand, we instantly drop our luggage at the hotel and go out to explore. We like to see what the locals eat, and see the cultural difference just by roaming the streets”. Ashin also mentioned that “Guanyou went to the Sydney Opera House last time and we hope Mayday gets a chance to visit more places this time round”

Mayday announces that “our Asian world tour is coming to an end. We also went to many Western countries such as the USA, England, France etc. Although Australia is classified as Asia-Pacific, it should still be counted as a Western country because they speak English. That should be how it works. They also have so many Hollywood stars like Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Every time we go to these countries, it’s like a vacation for us”

Although our conversation with Mayday has been brief, we have managed to ask the band for their plans after the tour concludes. “Mayday’s Life Tour has surpassed its 100th show. Which means this long journey will soon be coming to an end. It’s such a shame! Because this will mean that Mayday will have less opportunities to see everyone. At the same time, this would mean that Mayday will be going to be preparing new music and new content for everyone and hope that everyone can start to anticipate that”

Once again, the band announces that “Mayday will be returning to Australia and New Zealand with our 10th World Tour, Life Tour! We will bring lots of new music from our latest album as well as a lot of well loved classics. We are excited to meet everyone again since it has been 6-8 years!”

Mayday will be performing at Melbourne’s Hisense Arena on Tuesday 18th September, the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney on Friday 21st of September as well as Auckland’s The Trust Arena on Friday 23rd of September. Tickets are now on sale via Ticketek.