We recently caught up with Tawainese band 88Balaz following their set at Music Matters in Singapore, to talk about playing in the city, the influence of living in Taipei on their music, and being a food loving band.

So firstly, tell us about your shows at Music Matters. How has singapore treated you?

music matters is cool, He gave us access to the Singapore people who were less accessible to us when we usually came. Because this time only one Taiwan band here, So unlike previous years, many of the audience were Chinese.that is cool.we see We saw different tastes and feelings on the spot

You bring that same energy and fun to both your full band shows and acoustic shows, do you enjoy one more than the other?

I think it’s very interesting in both ways. The points of attention on the instrument will be different, but both are rock and roll. I like the guitar noise and the suffocating volume. I also like the fine balance between instruments of the unplugged instruments.

Who have been some of your favorite bands growing up? As a band, do you share many of the same influences?

we love AC/DC,nirvana,thee michelle gun elephant,Tom Waits ,motorhead, George Thorogood….we love the pixes and sonic Youth too, These are the music I grew up listening to since childhood. We always try to copy the first time I heard the movement of these bands in my own creation. I hope that one day I can copy the same emotions to those who hear our music.

You have won a LOT of competitions (including the biggest rock comp in Taiwan!), what is your next goal?

We are trying to perform in more places. In addition to Asia, we are also planning a tour of the United States and Europe. and next year we will start recording our sixth studio album. I hope that my friends from Singapore will be heard at the time.

What has been the biggest surprise in your journey so far? Have there been any unexpected challenges or triumphs?

I am surprised that I often perform in other countries. Many people who like our music are not speak Chinese haha, We tried to find a balance between the development of band and life. After all, tour was very exhausting. I am very happy that our team has been able to travel with a positive attitude so far, and our family and friends can understand. really thankful.

How influential is Taipei and the cities culture to your music?

I grew up in Taipei. Taipei is a wonderful and charming place. He has many backward parts, but she is also full of the latest fun. You don’t need to have too much money to live well in this city, but at the same time It is also a city that worships gold. These contradictions and confusions seem to me to be the most influential part of my creation. I am fortunate to be able to grow up in this city. I love Taipei.

Where did the bands shared love of B-class cuisine and movies come from?

We are a food-loving band…..to every city we will find the place closest to the local life to find food, instead of relying on gourmet blogs or sightseeing books to eat the restaurant, I think this It is the closest way to life instinct, I like it very much. Movies are also the same. B movies usually cost too much money, and they don’t tell very complicated stories, but they often show the most original desires of human beings. This is why I like B-class cuisine and movies.

What does the rest of the year have in store for 88Balaz?

We will go to Korea and tour in Japan. We will also participate in many activities in Taiwan. There will be some new songs and new goods. our year has just begun,so Let’s keep working hard for a while~~~

For more about 88Balaz, head to their Bandcamp.