Philippino band Gracenote made their international debut in Singapore earlier this month, performing at Music Matters Live. Jasmin Osman sat down with band members Eunice, Jazz, EJ and Tatsi to chat about their debut, new music releases and living their dreams.

The band, formed by singer Eunice Jorge and brother, bassist Jazz Jorge, took form when Eunice met EJ at University. “He’s a guitar major and I also figured he’s good at playing drums” Eunice tells us. They trio entered a Battle of The bands competition where they met their manager, and fourth band member, guitarist Tatsi.

The band is currently recording their third record due to be released early next year. “Actually what we wanna share with you guys”, says Eunice, “we did a special release for music matters, its a song from our (upcoming) third record.The new release is called ‘Here I go again’ and it’s available on Apple Music and Spotify. It’s been fun because we get to release new music outside out country, especially for Music Matters, so it’s very exciting.”

EJ continues on to say ‘the language barrier doesn’t hinder us from sharing our music with other nationalities. I believe that music is a really powerful tool in getting different nations together, making them connected and making the world smaller.

For more about the band, check out their Facebook Page.

Check out the new single here:

Photo by Jasmin Osman.