MyChonny (c) Ben Symons

YouTuber extraordinaire Mychonny speaks to us about his brand new radio show/podcast on SBS PopAsia called #MyChonnyOnSBSPopAsia. We find out why Mychonny doesn’t like to wear pants (and who does?). We also get in insight into Asian dating, KFC and Korean dramas.

How does it feel to have your own radio show/podcast?

It feels amazing to have my own podcast. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do and I can work from my bedroom too! It’s a job where you can literally work without pants and that’s what I aim to achieve in life, always be pantless.

What will you talking about on the show?

We hardly talk on the show. It’s always the both of us laughing and being silly. I’m pretty sure we won’t have a radio career for too long haha just kidding. We talk about life, love, betrayal, last weeks’ episode of The Bachelor and also Kpop

What’s your favourite Asian pop song right now?

My favourite Asian pop song would have to be Bang Bang Bang by BIGBANG. It’s catchy, simple, and even my dad can sing the chorus

If Mychonny was a flavour what will it be?

If Mychonny was a flavour it would be KFC. I have been eating KFC since birth and I’m sure there’s some gravy infused with my blood.

Any Asian dating advice?

Asian dating advice? Be funny and charming. That’s how I got my girlfriend… actually, I don’t know. I think my parents paid some money or made a deal with somebody…. hmmmm

If Mychonny was cast in a Korean drama which one would it be?

If I was cast in a Korean drama it would be a food related drama. I would be an extra that’s eating in the background.

Catch #MyChonnyOnSBSPopAsia on Wednesdays @ 8PM AEDT via the SBSPopAsia app or via their homepage