Hello Asia editor Johnny Au caught up with one of K-Pop’s best rookies groups this year – BTS (Bangtan Boys). Johnny spoke to BTS backstage at KCON before they appeared on the second night of M! Countdown in LA. BTS spoke about their KCON experiences, meeting Coolio & Warren G, their time at Disneyland, who in the group can do a sexy concept, bantered about their favourite foods, wanting to visit Australia and of course their fans ARMYs. TURN ON YOUR CAPTIONS FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

You are performing in KCON in a few minutes. What are your thoughts in performing at such a big event?

Jungkook: First off it’s our second time in LA and we’re very honoured to participate in such a big event on our second time here. We want to hurry up and show our cool side to the fans that came today and we’re excited to perform.

What has BTS been up to this year? It seems you have been really busy with your TV show and working in the US?

Rap Monster: 2014 has been the biggest time in our lives. We had a debut last year so we’ve been practicing for the next comeback. We also had a small tour and showcase in Brazil, Sweden and Berlin and we made our debut in Japan. So its been the busiest time in our lives so far.

Talking about the US I believe you’ve worked with some pretty big names over here. What was it like to meet Coolio? Who else did you meet?

Suga: In regards to Coolio, we didn’t get to work with him but it was mainly just filming for the show. It was an honour for us to meet a legend like Coolio. Contrary to what we had expected, he was a very considerate person, so we had a good time. We also met a legend of western Hip Hop, Warren G. We talked about a lot of music-related things and we let him listen to our music. They were really new and fun experiences. It was fascinating.

We have some questions sent in by your fans. First question is did you have any fun happenings in Los Angeles? 

Jimin: We went to Disneyland. It wasn’t for very long but it was really fun. What was it called? Buzz? Buzzland? Something like that. We had a gun fight and the youngest got the highest score.

Jungkook: I got 19,800 points!

Jimin: It was really fun.

Second questions from your fans is what concepts would you like to try in the future?

J-Hope: Up until now we showed a fresh, boy-like image so we want to try a sexy, manly concept.

Jimin: That’s me!

Rap Monster: What is he talking about?

Jungkook: Do you want to show them?

Rap Monster: There’s a lot of Countryside Broadcast going on right now. Please turn it off.

Third question is we believe you diet often. What foods do you crave the most when you diet?

Jin: I think all of us are thinking the same thing, but I think we crave chicken the most when we’re dieting. Chicken? Who doesn’t like chicken?

Jimin: You crave meat when dieting! Meat!

Jin: Chicken is meat too. What are you saying?

J-Hope: We’re craving meat lately.

Rap Monster: Pizza, Chicken, Jjajangmyun, Fried Rice, the snack bar in front of our house, we want to eat everything!

Why did the members asked you first?

Rap Monster: You answer for yourself

Jin: I eat a lot and I like food, so that’s probably why they passed the mic to me first

V: He’s a pig

Rap Monster: He likes to eat!

What’s BTS plans for the rest of 2014?

Rap Monster: We’ll be releasing our full length album in August so that’s the most important step. We’ll be also having a concert in October so that’s going to be our plan for the rest of the year.

Any plans to come and perform in Australia? Have you visited Australia before? What would you like to see in Australia?

Rap Monster: I’ve actually been to New Zealand for four months before and it was good. I think Australia would be good too. Is there anything you want to see when you go to Australia?

J-Hope: Kangaroos, of course! Kangaroo! Kangaroo!

Suga: Recently, my brother visited Australia and he bragged that the nature is really pretty. He said that it’s clear and beautiful there so I really want to go. I hope we get the chance to go and perform there someday.

J-Hope: Australia, yeah!

We hope to see you in Australia soon. 

Rap Monster: Of course!

Tell me about your fans. What makes ARMY special? 

Jungkook: First off, ARMYs are pretty. They’re pretty.

V: ARMY is perfect. Everything.

Jimin: Also, our ARMYs are very passionate.

Rap Monster: They know how to turn up

Jimin: That’s right. That’s exactly right.

Do you have a message for your fans?

Jimin: Everyone, we’re waiting to go up on stage at KCON so just wait a little longer to see our performance. And we’ll be promoting our new full-length album soon so please look forward to it. Thank you.

Rap Monster: We also would like to visit Australia and see all those fans in Australia. We hope to see you there soon.

BTS its been wonderful to talk to you. Good luck tonight at KCON. We hope to see you in Australia very soon.  

Thank you!

Translation by Nahri Lee.