Cantopop star and actress Sammi Cheng is coming to Australia for her Touch Mi World Tour with stops in Melbourne and Sydney in April. Hello Asia editor Johnny Au speaks to one of Hong Kong’s best known stars Sammi Cheng and talk about themes for the “Touch Mi” tour, writing about her Depression battles in her latest song “Rush”, starring with Taiwanese heartthrob Joseph Chang and what to look forward to in her Australian tour.

Sammi Cheng it has been six years since you last visited Australia for a concert. Have you missed Australia?

Yes its correct the last time I was in Australia was six years ago. And yes I have missed Australia! I really love the environment and I like the weather in Australia. I also like the food and of course all my fans in Australia. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming concerts in Melbourne and Sydney and meet my enthusiastic fans again!

Most of your concerts have particular themes. What is the theme for your current world tour?

There’s no particular overall theme for this world tour. But there will be a theme for each part during the concert. You will see different images and hear different songs and new music arrangements. There’s a part I am really looking forward to it’s the Gospel arrangement which I hope shares the message of love.

Your previous concerts were called “Show Mi” followed by “Love Mi” and the latest one is “Touch Mi”. Is there a meaning for the “Mi” from previous concerts?

In fact you can treat the last three “Mi” as a series. But every concert is individual in itself. My friends have been calling me “Mi” since 2007 and I feel more intimate with them when they call me that. I hope I can share this joy with my fans during the concert.

You are very experienced with performing on stage. Do you still get nervous performing in front of an audience?

Yes in fact I still get nervous before a concert. Before the concert I send a lot of time preparing and rehearsing. When you see a two hour show on stage in fact there are hours and hours of time and effort spent in preparation at rehearsals. The physical aspects of my own preparations include staying fit and also dancing and singing practice. Even though I put in all the hard work beforehand, what I find most rewarding is seeing my fans being really satisfied with my performance.

How do you handle unexpected events during a concert?

It has happened to me before such as losing sound or something unexpected happens to the lighting. Because concerts are live, any mistakes that are made you just need to handle it as they come.

Sammi, you have performed in many countries. Do you prepare your shows differently for each country?

I prepare for each country exactly the same. No matter how large or small the stage is I always perform at my very best. I always treat each show exactly the same and always give 100% for my fans. In my mind this is not just a concert but something I have always loved to do.

You have released a new song Rush (衝過去) which you wrote with together with Ellen Loo for the first time. Ellen mentioned the song is very upbeat in its meaning. Where did you get the idea for Rush?

I wanted to work outside of my own boundaries when I wrote this song with Ellen. I suffered from depression in the past and I wanted to write a song about how someone can overcome the illness. I wanted to use this song to share my experience to people who have depression and are suffering from this illness.

When are you releasing your next album?

Hopefully this year! Whether it’s in Cantonese or Mandarin the songs for the album have already been chosen. We are currently recording the album at the moment.

In regards to your film career, which types of characters would you like to explore next?

There are a lot of characters which I have never played before. This is in God’s hand about what type of character I will play next.

You were in a recent movie with Taiwanese star Joseph Chang. Can you tell us any amusing stories when you shot the romantic comedy “Marriage Contract”?

There was a lot of amusing moments with Joseph during “Marriage Contract”. When the movie was shot it was done in very high spirits. In real life I have never been involved in a relationship with a younger man like it was in “Marriage Contract”. So during “Marriage Contract” I had that experience (laughs). We shot some of the scenes in France and everyone knows France is such a romantic country so it was really easy to slip into my character.

We understand you are writing a book at the moment?

Actually I have writing this book for a long time! (laughs) The book at this moment is 80% complete and it is in the editing stage. The good news is the book is almost complete.

Sammi you are known for your fantastic costumes during your concert. Will you be showcasing any new costumes for your Melbourne and Sydney concerts?

I will have new costumes for every tour stop. There won’t be an exception for Melbourne and Sydney. I will have a fresh image for those cities.

Will you bring different guests on stage?

Wait and see!

Do you have a message to your fans in Australia?

Australian fans I miss you! It’s been six years since I last played in your country. I hope to put on a wonderful, unforgettable and joyful show for you in April. See you soon!

Sammi Cheung “Touch Mi” Australian Tour is held in Melbourne and Sydney in April. See here for further information. 

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