Hello Asia editor Johnny Au caught up with SBS 2 host and SBS PopAsia presenter Andy Trieu to chat about dating, Meng Fei and If You Are The One.

Andy tell us about this competition that SBS 2 is running for the program If You Are The One?

Hi Johnny, thanks for having me! Very excited to tell you about a network first on SBS2. We are giving Australians the chance to find their soul mate and and be a contestant on the world’s biggest dating show, If You Are the One. The invitation is to single Australians to take part in the filming of two Australian specials filmed in both Australia and Nanjing, China. That includes you! *wink wink*

We understand IYATO is the world’s most watched dating show and its very popular with SBS viewers. Why do you think it’s so popular?

I think the bottom line is it is very entertaining! IYATO has developed a mass cult following through the shows earnestness and the contestants’ business like approach to finding their life partners. Also the fact that some contestants have to be willing to bare it all EG: from break up history, to dating criteria, to their income, and even their favourite body part!

What qualities do you think make a good candidate?

A lone male suitor has to impress a panel of 24 single women, who can then register their interest or disinterest in the man through the use of their podium lights. To make a good suitor I think you have to be “awesome” straight off the bat. Cover all bases from confidence, to look, and of course income (if possible)

What tips do you have for anyone that would be interested in going on the show?

I have spoken to a contestant who has truly found the one after being on the program. It is a win-win, you may find the love of your life because you are in front of 24 single woman who know EXACTLY what they want or you could still win by having the time of your life on a journey to China and being viewed by 50 million people. Be yourself, take the chance, and go with the flow!

The host Meng Fei is well known for his sharp remarks on the show. What do you think he will say to you if you are a contestant?

The ringmaster extraordinaire Meng Fei would probably tell me to go back and brush up on my Chinese, stop staring at the hot girls and focus on the questions, and ask me why my whole video is about Asian pop?

What kind of girl would you choose if you were a contestant ?

I think I would end up choosing a girl that didn’t seem too nasty upfront. A girl that left a light on for me lol and was willing for a good laugh.

Thanks for having me!

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