K-Pop boy group SF9 released their eagerly awaited first mini-album Burning Sensation recently. We chat to the boys about the making of the mini-album, their growth and maturity in the process of making Burning Sensation and tips to their amazing choreography.

It felt like I was under hypnosis while watching your ‘K.O.’ dance practice video and the thought came to me that SF9 feel like ‘hypnotist-idols’. What other nicknames would you like SF9 to be known as?

Thank you for complimenting us as ‘hypnotist-idols’.

We have been thinking about various nicknames but we still have many more performances and sides to us that we haven’t revealed yet, so we’d like to keep our possibilities open rather than limit ourselves to one concept.

Looking back on our past performances, we have presented both innocent and manly concepts. We will continue work hard to show you various concepts in our music and performances so maybe ‘hardworking-idols’ are a good nickname for us now.

You recently released your first mini-album ‘Burning Sensation’. What genre would you classify this mini-album as? How do you think your fans are responding?

Our first mini-album, ‘Burning Sensation’, contains our life attitude and values we pursue as men in our youth. Our title song, ‘ROAR’ conveys a message not to waste your youth, but to start your engine and pursue your real dreams.

‘ROAR’ is an urban dance track composed of electronic sounds and trap beats. Our album track list is filled with various genres such as R&B ballad song ‘Still My Lady’, Urban/Electronic hip hop song ‘Shut Up N’ Lemme Go’ and many more.

Recently we revealed our comeback stage through our showcase and music shows. Compared to ‘Fanfare’, ‘ROAR’ is more powerful and we deeply appreciate all the good responses and support we’ve been receiving.

SF9’s ‘The Process of Burning Sensation’ comeback schedule follows the theme of a car, with teasers such as ‘Start Engine’ and ‘Spoiler Fuel’ being released. If you could go on a road trip with your fans, where would you like to go and why?

We are happy to go anywhere if we are together with our fans, ‘Fantasy’!

But if we must choose one place, we would like to go to a cabin with an ocean view. We want to play games and eat Korean barbeque with our fans. Just thinking about it makes us really happy!

In what way has SF9 as a group grown throughout the process of this mini-album?

We as SF9 took our first step with our debut album, ‘Fanfare’.

With this mini-album, we think that we are at the stage of finding our own identity. So we worked hard to find a way to show how we improved from ‘Fanfare’. As a result, ‘ROAR’ came out with a more intense and manly sound and performance.

With this comeback, we would like to show our colours more clearly so that everyone can identify our songs and recognize them as ‘SF9’s own songs’.

As we have been doing so far, we are constantly working to show our improvement so please show your love and support!

The SF9 members were selected through an intense survival program called ‘d.o.b: Dance or Band’. How do you think the program helped you grow as artists?

It was a good opportunity to compete with the band team in good faith through ‘d.o.b’.

We completed several missions for ‘d.o.b’ and it was very difficult to prepare performances in such a short time. However, it was a good experience for us to develop and train our group performance as well as improve our individual skills. It was also very helpful for us to get used to performing on real stages.

Plus, it was a chance for us to think again about competition. We learnt that a competition is not all about winning the battle, but an opportunity for us to reflect on ourselves objectively and work on our weaknesses.

When watching your performances, I was shocked by the strong synchronization of each member despite such fast and intense choreography. What’s your practice routine and how do you have any memorable moments?

We spend most of our time practicing. On average, we practice more than 10 hours per day. Our most memorable practice moment was when we were so unaware of the time and our mirror started to fog up due to our sweat and body heat. We all wrote a message on the mirror and continued to practice.

Unification is the most important aspect of our performance so we practice repeatedly until we are synchronized and make no mistakes. Also, since we have a lot of members, we sometimes split up into units and practice as well.

What is something you can confidently say, “Out of all the members, only I can ___!”

Young Bin: As the leader, having the honour of starting our greeting
In Seong: Drawing a profile portrait in 3 seconds
Jae Yoon: Girl group dance
Da Won: Vocal imitation
Ro Woon: Going up the steps, two at a time (easily)
Zu Ho: Only I can fit a coin in my nostril
Tae Yang: Handstand, Acrobatics
Hwi Young: Putting my hands in prayer position behind my back
Cha Ni: Only I have a bright and pure smile

Is there anything you would like to say to your Australian fans?

Hello Australian fans!

This is SF9 back with ‘Burning Sensation’! We are ready to set a new fire so please get ready to start your engines! Let’s break it down now!! Thank you for all your support. We hope to visit all our Australian fans one day!

Burning Sensation is currently available on iTunes Australia