K-Pop girl group idols SISTAR sat down and spoke to our editor Johnny Au in Seoul about the highlights of their career so far and any plans for a new album.

After a fantastic summer which produced the mega hit “Shake It” and an appearance at KCON in Los Angeles, Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom sat down with Johnny to talk about what their individual highlights have been since their debut in 2010. We also find out what SISTAR’s plans are for the rest of this year and any hints of their next comeback. (TURN ON CAPTIONS IN YOUTUBE FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

SISTAR as a group and each group member individually has had success in Korea and internationally. Looking back at your career what have been the highlight moments for each of you?

Dasom: For me… there are a lot, if I have to choose from them. For K-Kop… There hadn’t been many opportunities for us to feel the popularity of K-Pop. But in 2012 or was it 2013? It was when we went to perform in Paris. But the people in Paris, for our songs, the audience sang it in Korean. Korean is hard language! Even though it’s difficult, they sang the entire song. At that time, I was really touched to the point of tears and my heart felt warmed. I thought that we should work even harder.

Bora: In my case something that sticks out for me was when we recently went to L.A. for a performance (KCON) in the Staples Center. It was really huge! The fact that we were going to be performing there was a real honour. That day was really memorable. I hope that we’ll have a lot more memorable days in the future too.


Hyolyn: Thinking back to the time that was the most meaningful for me… When I’m together with the members (of SISTAR), we always rely on each other while standing on stage, but whenever I have to perform alone or when I’ve had to fill in my members’ empty spots on stage… I think I’ve experienced a lot of those kinds of performances and gone through a lot [through them]. So I’m really thankful to myself. I think I’m the kind who feels that way about it.

Soyou: In my case, the other members have already said a lot of things. In regards to how you asked about individual promotions, for me last year I received a lot of love through a song called ‘Some’. I wonder whether I’ll be able to receive that kind of love again. It was great to be together with the members, and so much was memorable. But I think last year’s ‘Some’ promotions were very memorable to me.


What’s the plan for SISTAR and their individual members for the rest of this year? When will we see a comeback? Any hints?

Bora: Firstly all four of us have finished the ‘Shake It’ promotions and are doing individual promotions right now. Everyone’s working very actively. In regards to our next album, there’s only three months left of this year. So I think it might come out next year rather than this year. There are still a lot of things we want to do. We really want to do a concert this year, but I think we’ll have to check a bit more as to whether it’ll work out or not. I think we’ll be also keep doing individual promotions just as we are now. Nothing in particular has been completely decided yet, though. It’ll probably be something like that!

Translation by Cassandra Monjo

Photos by Johnny Au