Amongst preparing for their upcoming album and performance at the Danish nation finals for EuroVision 2016, pop group Bracelet recently spent some time in Seoul filming their MV with ZanyBros and collaborating with B.A.P’s Zelo on his rap insert on their title song ‘Breakaway’.

Hello Asia! Assistant Editor Kat caught up with the band to discuss their time in Seoul and working with Zelo and ZanyBros.

We all love your latest release “Breakaway” (even if it makes us cry)! The lyrics are very emotive, and paired with it’s MV it tells such a moving story. What was the meaning behind the song for you?

Thank you so much, we are so happy to hear that!

(Charlie) – Music is to me as most magical when it acknowledges your weaknesses, worries, and sadness, in a way that makes you feel stronger, more at ease and happy. Music like that is really therapeutic, and we hope breakaway can give that feeling to people.

What was it like collaborating with ZanyBros in Korea to produce the “Breakaway” MV?

Absolutely amazing! They are so talented, and dedicated to what they do. They really care about how the song is represented, and the story they came up with for the video was just perfect! The video for breakaway really could not have been better even in our wildest dreams.

What was creative and filming process like? Did you have a clear idea of the message you wanted to deliver in the video?

We sent the song and the lyrics to ZanyBros, and they came up with the story for the MV. When they told us their idea we instantly felt that it was exactly the feeling we wanted the song to reflect. On the set there was a magical vibe in the air, with all the amazing people working so hard to make the video as good as possible. It was a really inspiring process.

Was it your first time in Korea? Did you see/do/eat anything exciting?

Yeah it was our first time there and we absolutely loved it. The people, the music, the food, everything. We love getting in contact with different cultures, and we definitely hope that we will get to come back to korea a lot more.


Have you listened to much K-Pop before? Do you have a favourite group, song or bias?

Yeah we’ve listened to k-pop before. Some of us more, and others less, but we all have k-pop music that we like and get inspired by. 2ne1, B.A.P, Girls Generation, EXO, Apink and Big Bang are some off our favorites, just to name a few.

We’re SUPER excited to hear you are collaborating with B.A.P’s Zelo! Can you tell us a little bit about the collaboration and what you were looking forward to the most about working with Zelo?

Zelo is an amazing artist, and we are so happy about this collaboration. When we started talking about doing a collaboration with a K-Pop rapper, we mentioned Zelo sort of as a dream-artist to collaborate with. The fact that we now will be realeasing a song together is just mind-blowing. We feel like Breakaway is the perfect song for it, and are really excited about the release.

B.A.P is coming to Australia again soon… so, any chance we’ll see you guys here sometime in the future too?

Bracelet going to Australia is sort of a dream of ours. We are currently in contact with some people and companies there, so that dream might not be to far away from becoming reality, we hope.

And finally, we love your K-Pop acoustic cover medley on BapMokja and Haeppy! Are there any other songs that you would like to do a full cover of? We also totally wouldn’t mind if you decide to upload that cover on your YouTube channel so we can all listen…

We love playing covers and there are definitely gonna be covers coming up on our YouTube channel. Would absolutely be fun to try on some more K-Pop songs. Anyone who has a certain song they would like to hear us do a version of, should let us know on our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Check out the alternate band-version of Breakaway featuring B.A.P’s Zelo below: