Through collaboration, luxury experiences, and community, FestGround is changing the game for festivalgoers. 

The ticketing platform primarily specialises in EDM music festivals across the Asia Pacific. With a host of upcoming events including Ultra Japan, EDC Korea, and Creamfields Taiwan, to name just a few, FestGround has got you covered for all your festival needs. 

With an ever-growing base of music festival lovers flocking to Asia, we are looking for ways to elevate their festival experience to the next level, says FestGround General Manager, Cami. “We want to create Asia’s first platform for people to connect and absorb information about the variety of music festivals happening across Asia. With a focus on electronic music and EDM culture, FestGround gravitates fans, music, and events together to develop and refine the music festival scene in Asia and beyond,” she explains.

With GA tickets and VIP being common fare, FestGround also offers a VVIP experience for their attendees. “Guests who have purchased these exclusive packages are treated as royalty at the show, and given access to their own private table, private servicing, priority access, exclusive purchases, and the list just goes on and on.” 

If this experience was not lavish enough, VVIP ticket holders are also eligible to enrol in FestGround concierge – a personalised service that covers anything “from arranging VVIP booths to hotel bookings, limousines to yacht charters – anything you can think of right the way down to private jet for anything you may need all around the world,” says Mizuki, Sales Manager for FestGround. 

Aside from these exclusive experiences on offer, community and collaboration play a key role in FestGround’s operations. “Throughout the past few years, we have collaborated with DJ Mag Asia and continue to work very closely with premiere music festival brands around the world. As part of this, we have just introduced a new “FestGround Features” series, where we will be posting interviews with artists and organisers in the near future,” explains FestGround’s Marketing Manager, Isabelle. 

FestGround recently worked with S2O, a water music festival that hit Taiwan’s shores for the first time this year at Taipei’s Dajia Riverside Park. “At S2O we were all busy running around doing a million different jobs during the day, but then when the headliners came on the whole team gathered to watch in VVIP. Having all these people with the same interest and passion together in the same place made all the hard work worthwhile,” says FestGround’s Senior Editor, Will. 

Moving into the future, FestGround is planning to provide exclusive tours and sponsorship programs with the view of becoming the Entertainment Ticket Center for events in Asia, by offering total solutions for festivals, nightclubs, and shows. “Unlike other platforms, we do own our EDM community and interact with FestGround Fans. FestGround specialises in events across Asia as we have a strong network of close connections within the industry, including event organisers,” Cami tells us. 

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