Speaking with Chinese actress and pop star Yang Mi about her role as Shen Ying in the fantasy-action animated motion capture flick L.O.R.D – Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (wow, what a mouthful), one was able to capture a sense of her sensibilities as an actress. Truly forging a connection with her character in the movie, Yang pushed through the many obstacles of working on an animated motion capture film and came out the better for it. As an actress who works hard and always makes light of the situations she is placed in, this is one Femme Fatale you wouldn’t want to be messing with anytime soon.

While filming L.O.R.D how did you get into character? What preparations did you go through?

Although we acted in front of a green screen, the director did give us a lot of visual references. And before performing we would use the image references to imagine the scenery, nurture the right emotions. This was also a kind of interesting experience.

What was the most memorable moment between characters in the movie?

It was probably the first scene where I was pitted against big sister Fan Bing Bing. Because I entered the team a little late, so they were all used to this method of filming, but I was not used to it yet; the lights in front of my face blocked my view, I was always trying to find big sister Bing Bing’s eyes to meet her gaze, so as I acted and acted my entire head became warped, but now thinking about it it was actually quite fun.


Were there any obstacles or bottlenecks in the filming process? How did you adjust yourself?

What was challenging was the fight scenes, because it’s been a long time since I’ve filmed a fight scene. From the beginning there were already a lot of fight scenes, and I even had to fight in the air. Adjusting myself required a bit of time. At that time I often would joke with the director; why when filming an animation do we still need to have safety harnesses? He then said: This is not an animation.

Within the storyline who was your favourite character? Why?

My favourite was Shen ying, because I felt that her telepathic powers are very much like me, no matter how many times she gets hurt, after the scars heal she will instead become stronger, because she is willing to actively absorb the hurt and turn them into internal strength. As long as she doesn’t die, she will become stronger and stronger. Shen Ying really suits me very well, her attributes in this aspect are the same as mine.

In the future will you try even more different breakthrough projects?

Of course, I hope I have the chance to try all kinds of different works, so that I can allow everyone to discover my abilities.

L.O.R.D – Legend of Ravaging Dynasties is currently screening across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and Ireland. For screening and ticketing information see Magnum Films website and the official L.O.R.D website.