AOA Cream I'm Jelly Baby

I think I’m the jealous one! Why don’t I live in AOA Cream‘s magical pastel world? The funky tunes hinted to us through the group’s two music video teasers are even more addictive than expected and the vocals of Yuna, Hyejeong and Chanmi shine through this three member sub-unit. The sweet sounding track has been quickly rising up digital music charts in South Korea since its release.

The track was composed by the talented Black Eyed Victory and tells the story of the jealousy a person may feel when seeing their significant other getting distracted by other women. The music video is filled with eye-catching animation, wedding dresses, magic wands and sparkles – what more could you want?

The lovely members of AOA Cream will be making their stage debut on KBS‘ Music Bank on the 12th of February as the start of their full-scale promotional activities.