Everyone’s favourite angels are back with not one but two new MVs. Released at midnight last night, AOA‘s new tracks Bing Bing and Excuse me have already reached over 1 million views each.

With Bing Bing, the charming girl group have opted for a for a sophisticated magic theme, showing off their card tricks and making us all want to dig out that childhood magic wand from the attic.

The monochrome colour palette and minimalist choreography recalls their Like a Cat days, but the girls have definitely matured in both their style and the jazz-inspired sound of this new track. The catchy chorus line will surely be stuck in your head for the rest of the week (if only the ‘bing bing’ part. On a loop. All day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you).

The English breakdown in the middle of the song has even graced us with my new favourite tongue twister “can’t nobody do it like you do, the way you do it”.

The second MV and single, Excuse Me, is more in keeping with the playful tone of their hit song Heart Attack. The video presents AOA as 1960s style detectives, with sleuthing skills that Agatha Christie herself would be proud.

The vintage-inspired wardrobe is colourful and unique, and will have you wishing that flared, pin-striped overalls were back in fashion.

This song has more immediately memorable choreography, that has me longing for a full-performance comeback stage at Inkigayo. Jimin’s quick-paced rap breakdown reminds us all just how far she’s come since appearing on Unpretty Rap Star. This effortless maturity is a theme that weaves throughout both videos by the band which debuted all the way back in 2012 (Can you believe it?). For a group so young, they are quickly becoming seasoned professionals.

Whichever new single you prefer, with catchy choruses and typical lively choreography they are bound to be a hit.