What do you get when you put two musical talents together? You get a perfect blend of the Eastern and Western culture mixed into one wonderful song.

“Flow” is a pre-release track part of Khalil Fong‘s upcoming album, Journey To The West that is scheduled to be released in September. When Fong went through his song selection process, he found the perfect song to pitch to Leehom Wang as a collaboration piece.

The song is Leehom and Khalil’s first musical collaboration. The two clicked instantaneously and produced the track using a variety of Chinese traditional instruments such as the morin khuur, sihu, erhu, dombra as well incorporating westernised music styles like R&B, hip-hop, gospel and rock.

Leehom expressed that “Flow” can be seen as a simple song of rhythm, like water or the sea, but there is a lot more to it. From the surface, the sea can look simplistic and calm with its soft waves, but there is much depth underwater. Likewise, the song has a lot of musical layers filled with lots of meaning and messages they want to share.

To help enhance the bridge between East and West, the music video uses traditional calligraphy to paint beautiful visuals of historical architecture, musical instruments, and animals timed perfectly to the song’s rhythm, or should I say “Flow”

Check the music video out below: