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Bingham Yeh, known as a contestant on popular reality singing show “The Voice of China” has recently released his debut compositional album titled Days Like This.

With veteran songwriters such as Lin Xi, Zhang Yu praising him and Mandopop Queen A-mei Zhang referring to him as ‘The Prince of Melisma’, his unique vocal stylings are something you’d have to hear for yourself to understand.

Based around the concept of simple life, the idea behind this album was to replicate encounters with 7 different types of Bingham’s life with 7 songs written by Yeh himself.

This album has been in the making four two years, and is an accumulation of the different emotions and experiences Yeh has felt over this period, from the downs of having album plans pushed back and the obstacles to his dreams, as well as the ups that he finds in his music and being on stage.

Yeh wants his album to present a simple message to listeners and a reminder to himself. No matter how hard things get, one must still be optimistic and learn to find their own happiness, rather than trying to find it from others’ perspectives of oneself.

Listen to his first single “Love Someone” here:

Bingham Yeh