Princess of sweetness Cyndi Wang is back with her new album “Daring to Want and Not Want” which was released on the 4th of December.

With the release of her album she also announced that she will be taking the stage of the legendary Taipei Arena for the first time ever with her “Cyndi Wants!” concert, which she hopes is a coalescing of what songs her fans have wanted to hear her sing all these years, as well as those she herself wants to perform.

The second single from her latest album “少女的祈禱 Prayers of Young Girls” aims to titillate audiences with Cyndi dressed in skintight black leather costumes and showing off her dance moves which she practiced relentlessly in between her busy promotion schedules.

She also says that she has been working out hard, and dares to bare a little more in some of her costumes for this video.


Working with musician Starr Chen to create a EDM-influenced song, the lyrics aim to tell girls that they deserve better and they should not settle for less.

Cyndi even participated in the creative aspect of the music video which was directed by Outerspace Leo. The pink garbage trucks which symbolise the throwing away of bad emotions was actually her idea.


The director himself was a big Cyndi fan, and couldn’t help but ask her for a photo upon meeting with her, since he missed the opportunity during their previous collaboration.


In regards to the concept of the album, Cyndi says “I dare to want, because I am clear on what deserves to be had; I dare to not want, because I know what I want.”

She hopes that her second music video, and of course her new album will give fans and listeners a different feel, so give it a listen and tell us what you think!