The queen of drama songs Della Ding is set to release her latest album “Be My Own Friend” on the 18th of March.

The album is said to follow more of a different musical style than her previous ballad-filled ones, promising a more light, rock feel.

Her first single “Want To Fall In Love”, a cover of Thai band Slot Machine’s song “Kloem” certainly exemplifies that, with a high power and electrifyingly optimistic sound that suits Della’s powerhouse vocals well.

The album also features collaborations with other label mates of record label Bin Music Taipei, such as soul singer Jia Jia and Magic Power’s GuGu.

Several of the songs have already been released as part of the soundtrack for several dramas, such as “Adult Love Song”, allowing Ding to reprise her role as the queen of drama songs.

The album also hints at themes of friendship and love, by examining how the two concepts intertwine and include elements of platonic friendship and romance.

If you already can’t wait to get your copy, check out her thoughtfully provided album sample below:

Della’s album “Be My Own Friend” will be available for pre-order from 2nd of March onwards, and will officially be available on the 18th of March. It can also be found on online listening platforms such as KKBOX and iTunes once released. Her first single “Want To Fall In Love” is already available for listening on KKBOX.