Welcome to my world, let’s do this!

At 12AMKST, 27th September, GOT7 released their highly anticipated music video, ‘Hard Carry’! Filmed by AR Film and directed by Ojun Kwon, the repeated chorus of “Hard carry, let it flow let it flow now,” is catchy, promising an addictive soundtrack!

Although the music video does nothing to shed any light or answer everyone’s burning questions from the Flight Log: Turbulence trailer, it doesn’t matter because the song it definitely able to distract you from your confused thoughts. When the beat drops, we are met with an amazing choreography and memorable lyrics such as “But I still want more, hungry” or “Don’t give a damn and just let things be”.

My personal favourite line has to be, “Be the bright light that shines in the darkness~”

What’s your favourite part of the new music video?