Just when you think it’s safe to sleep at a normal time, Pledis entertainment laughs and randomly releases a Seventeen music video on 17th October 0AM KST.

“힐링 (Healing)” has always been seen the song Seventeen dedicates to their fans. It is one of the last songs that they sing at fanmeets and concerts, perfect for any weather conditions. The music video has Seventeen running around, filming themselves playing around with each other.

With meaningful lyrics like, ‘Put away your thoughts / So you can smile for me every day’, ‘You can take a break’, and ‘You did such a good job today’, what’s there not to love from their singing?

S. Coups even tried to recreate the beginning of Manse, but the members decided to play a prank on him and run off right as he attempted to leap onto them!

When the music video was released, a tweet from Seventeen was tweeted, “Fan song Seventeen’s gift to Carats. You have worked hard. Thanks.” along with the video link.

A second tweet captioned along a handwritten photo of ‘Our Carats♡’ has a sweet meaning, “We miss you so much our Carats. My healing is you. Thanks. Don’t get sick. We love you.”

The music video has Seventeen filming at various landmarks in Sydney – Luna Park, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, in Melbourne, and other countries! How many iconic places can you spot from your country?