Jay Chou fans, your idol has done it again. Known for his passion for entrepreneurialism, Mr. Chou has signed yet another young ‘un to his record company JVR music, a 16 year old by the name of Patrick Brasca.

Brasca, who met Chou on Harlem Yu’s variety show when he was only 13 caught Chou’s attention immediately due to his talent (and I bet the fact that he’s eurasian had something to do with it too), causing him to sign the young guy to his company almost immediately.

Fast forward three years, the young heartthrob has released his first EP called My Time , which includes two songs. His first single “Can’t Lose You Now” has already amassed over a million hits on YouTube, a testament to his talent.

The Justin Bieber lookalike (post-voice breaking) learnt to play the African drums from his father when he was three, and learned the acoustic guitar when he was 9. At the tender age of 11, he had already set his hopes on becoming a singer. In comparison to the likes of me, who still has no answer for relatives who ask me what I want to do with my life, the young ‘un is one determined fella.

But don’t shoot him down just because of his dazzling smile and handsome appearance-the talented guy composed, wrote the lyrics for and arranged the songs on his EP himself. And they’re not half bad either.

Check out his first single ‘Can’t Lose You Now’ below: