JJCC have jumped out of a pastel-hued webtoon to bring love and sparkles into your world through this addictive new track! If you were one of the lucky fans who were able to see them live in Sydney last month, you’d know that JJCC’s songs and choreography have a tendency to be funky and catchy with a clever touch of retro. ‘ToDay’ completely lives up to reputations, and the incredibly sweetly designed music video makes for a nice bonus! It’s also worth noting that their hairstyles are completely on point.

(Warning: Prepare your heart for Simba‘s killer smile. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

JJCC began their promotions for ‘ToDay’ with MBC‘s Show Champion on the 10th of March. Keep an eye out for their future activities and let’s cross our fingers for another Australian visit soon!