Indonesian anthemic-indie rock unit lightcraft have teamed up with Singaporean producer DSML in a transnational collaboration on their latest track ‘Run Away’ – released last week!

‘Run Away’ marks a new direction for the band, leaning towards an ‘80s vibe laced with synths and an infectious pop sound. However, the band’s anthemic sound remains, as demonstrated in the song’s epic chorus, led by Imam’s soaring vocals.

DSML is a longtime friend of lightcraft and was overjoyed when he was invited to collaborate with the band. “This collaboration feels like an evolution to our friendship,” states DSML. 

Due to border restrictions, the group were forced to communicate entirely viaZoom, WhatsApp, and Google Drive. “It might sound arduous, but it goes to show music doesn’t have any borders,” says DSML.

Written during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Run Away’ serves as a poignant reflection of this challenging time. “Life has changed so much yet the pandemic is still happening. I hope that ‘Run Away’ can resonate with others and give them a sense of hope that we all need these days,” vocalist and songwriter Imam Surataruna explains.

While lightcraft were hoping to celebrate 15 years together with a special tour, coronavirus restrictions forced them to make other plans. As such, the release of ‘Run Away’ commemorates this special occasion and offers joy in an otherwise difficult time for many.

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