Taiwanese rockband, Mayday, has released another prerelease track “What If We Had Never Met” prior to their long awaited 9th album to be released on the 21st of July.

The song has a bittersweet vibe questioning “what if we never met, this song would not exist”. If we never met, we will always walk seperate paths, there will be no regrets, since you will never know what was missing, if it never existed.

That magical moment in life when two people meet, can be deemed as destiny or a coincidence. Whichever it might be, the meeting of two people is what changes everything. If we never met, we will not know how it feels to part. If we never met, we will not know how much we would regret to lose that person. But if we never met, we will never know how complete we feel with each other.

The meeting of two people is a miracle, and even if we part, our story is waiting to be continued and is once in a lifetime.

The music video focuses on an old grandma looking back on her life and reminiscing her memories with a special someone. They met at the age of 17, made many memories in between, but he ends up disappearing when he is 24. She continues searching for him even when she is 30, and travels with him in mind at the age of 32. When she turns 35, she accepts that he is gone. Even at the age of 55, she still misses him. But she looks forward to meeting him again at the age of 75.

The song has been become a big hit, especially with students during the June graduation season in Taiwan.

Mayday‘s 9th album is available to preorder right now, and will be released on the 21st of July.