And who better to star in the music video than a fellow Australian? Korean-Australian actress Jung Ryeo-won takes the lead role in the emotional music video for NELL‘s latest single ‘Lost in Perspective’, a track which can also be translated literally as ‘The Necessity of the Third Person’. As if the beautiful sound the band produces with each new song wasn’t enough to touch your heart, the lyrics alone have been found to make a number of listeners tear up through its honest portrayal of how relationships can be misunderstood and actions misconstrued.

‘Lost in Perspective’ is the title track of their second digital album and is one of the songs to be included in NELL’s upcoming full-length album set to be released in 2016. If the band’s September release ‘Star Shell’ was a rock sound, their latest single arouses much more of a sense of loneliness. The fantasy, dream-like feeling NELL brings to many of their songs is never lost, however, and as always the powerful lyrics and well thought-out orchestration linger in your mind long after listening.

3인칭의 필요성_MV캡쳐 (2)

After the release of this single, NELL are preparing to meet their fans through their Christmas concert ‘CHRISTMAS IN NELL’S ROOM 2015’ on the 24th of December. In the meantime, take a listen to ‘Lost in Perspective’!