The Bangtan Boys are back, and this time they’ve brought a literal army with them.

Not content with their already renowned tight choreography, in the new MV the BTS boys are joined by a swarm of back-up dancers, dressed in ninja attire. The overall effect is pretty impressive, with the large scale uniform dance sequences making me want to dig out a black bandana and try to sneak in the background.

The new track is true to the powerful and dance-inducing form of tracks like ‘Dope’ and ‘Boys in Luv’. The passionate and catchy refrain of “not today” in the chorus even made me pumped up enough to consider going for a run (but, then I remembered that I hate running, and that there was an unopened block of dairy milk in the fridge. Good try though boys).

The majority of the video takes place in a vast canyon, framed by a hypnotic purple and red skyline. Somehow, though, the BTS boys manage to hold their own against natures beauty with their trademark edgy, but not over-the-top outfits.

Rap Mon begins the track with some rousing words, assuring us all that “a day may come when we lose, but it is not today. Today we fight!” It is great to hear him use more of his amazing English skills in the lyrics, reminding us all of how ridiculously talented this relatively young group already is.

If the views are anything to go by, then ARMYs are clearly appreciating this new track. The YouTube video for the MV has already amassed over 16 million views in 1 day (and only 100,000 of those were from me).

So, here’s hoping they’ll bring their fleet of back-up dancers to the 2017 Australian tour, if not I’d be more than happy to volunteer.