BTS Fire

Time to take out your wallets for albums and clear space in your phone for new photos and Gifs! “Fire” is the new music video from K-Pop group BTS that was released on 2nd May, 12AM KST!

“Fire” has a strong beat, amazing dance moves and a catchy chorus! This is only the second release of the three music videos promised by BTS themselves!

“Fire” is a step back from the sad and confusing music videos like “I Need U” and “Run”, but still inform everyone to “Just live how you want/Your life is yours”. The word “Youth” features plenty of times in this music video and the lyrics “Don’t try so hard/It’s alright to lose” also remind us all that it’s fine not to be first every time.

This is one of the title tracks from their Young Forever album, which features 23 songs, from 화양연화 (HwaYang YeonHwa) Part 1 like “Hold Me Tight” and “Converse High”. Hit song “Dope” and “Butterfly” from 화양연화 (HwaYang YeonHwa) Part 2 are also featured on this album!


The album comes in two versions and pre-orders have already reached over 300, 000!


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There will also be a two day concert held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul, on 7th-8th May!