In late April, it was reported that Korean Pop Princess IU (Lee Ji Eun) reached out to BTS’ SUGA (Min Yoon Gi) to work together on a track, sending shockwaves across the music industry.

Due to be released on the 6th of May, the song was quickly touted to become the collaboration of the year; two industry powerhouses coming together to create a song created immediate excitement. And following days of anticipation, the duo did not disappoint, with fans, critics, and industry insiders alike praising the release.

The duo worked together on everything for the track, from lyrics to composition; masters of their craft, their natural ability to effectively yet profoundly convey complex emotions is something like magic.

‘에잇 (Eight)’ studies the reality of memories and is rich in melancholic balance; IU’s crystal clear, honey-like melodies are so wonderfully complemented by SUGA’s punchy, energetic rap that effortlessly flows into raspy, yet softened vocals.

The song itself, while it sounds so full of light, is so deeply thoughtful and honest and heartbreaking. Meanwhile, the video is ethereally nostalgic; the audience watches how real-life turns into hyper-realistic animation, followed by something altogether quite cartoon-like.

Be sure to watch the music video for ‘Eight’ below.