The kings of concept-idol VIXX, have returned with an original single, “Chained Up”! Starlights have been waiting for their concept return and surely they are not disappointed. “Chained Up” is a catchy electro pop track that showcases a more mature side of VIXX after their last youthful comeback, “Love Equation”.

From the title and the concept photos, one would expect this music video to be rated 19+ like “Voodoo Doll”, but VIXX have chose to go for a more subtle approach with symbolisms throughout the whole music video. As the title suggests, this song tells a story of how they are willing to be chained up and become slaves to the girl’s love. This concept of being chained up is portrayed throughout the whole music video with their costumes, which include chokers or neck collars and suits. As usual, VIXX shows in-sync choreography with some great formations and lifts, which will be exciting to see in a full choreography version of the music video.

The visuals for this music video is very appealing while showing a more subtle concept of being trapped. In the music video there are several settings, such as mazes, flower glass box, rainforest, single staircase, room of chains, and flooded room. Every setting in this music video depicts an illusion of escape, however, there is no way out. VIXX were pictured having different collars in different settings, however towards the end, the girl was still holding all six collars. This could mean that even if they try to escape, the girl could still chain them up.

Overall, “Chained Up” didn’t disappoint at all. The music video opens up a lot of interpretation and the song is bound to be stuck in your head. If I got you intrigued, please watch the new music video!

Review score: 8 out of 10

“Chained Up” is available now on iTunes Australia