Choi Eunbin, better known as EB from Season 1 of Produce 101, released a new digital single, “Wanna Know”, on September 14th.

Since being on the show, EB has been actively releasing new music such as the digital single, “Gon Lan Hae” featuring Jeong Dong-Su (ARKAY) from season 2 of Produce 101 in August, and uploading cover songs onto her Youtube channel.  

“Wanna Know” is a tropical-house song that describes the feelings of someone dealing with unrequited love. The music video, set in an amusement park, gives off a late summer vibe and pairs well with the overall aesthetic and tone of the song.

Unlike the chic and arrogant vibe of “Gon Lan Hae”, “Wanna Know” has a calmer melody with sentimental lyrics that reflects the hearts of young people, who don’t know their feelings for one another yet. The song has a repetitive hook and showcases EB’s unique rap style.

Check out the music video here: